Wednesday, June 17, 2009

20 Facts on Me & My Blog

1. I like my blog background to be white.
It is the colour all professional bloggers have. wtf
And it is less eye straining than my previous black colour.

2. I like animated stuffs aka GIF images.
It is animated so it moves, wtf.
It moves and blinks so it attracts me. XD

3. I love the signature at the end of my posts.
However, it is too simple to be used officially.
And, it is just common cursive writing.

4. I love rainbows, stars and the moon.
It is the reason I chose this template, with rainbows.
And also the reason why it is so difficult for me to find a new one.

5. I am a Glitterati member of Nuffnang.
Sadly, I only found out recently how to properly put up Ads.
I earn less than my brother cause his nick is Brokeback_Jim.
Yes, adapted from the famous Oscar winning Brokeback Mountain.

6. My profile picture was taken at UTP USM cafe.
I was having dinner with my L.o.v.e.
It was my first time wearing the Aqua coloured contact lens.
(UTP site was previously the site for USM, so the name USM cafe stays)

7. I use language translator because I used to blog in Chinese.
Which, I used to complaint about my ex.
And, in order for him not to know cause he don't read Chinese.
Now, no complains bout L.o.v.e

8. I did the collage in the "about m@ylin" section myself.
I used Microsoft Words. Yea, you heard me~
The software used for word processing according to ICIS, wtf
(ICIS stands for Intro to Computer & Information System)

9. My perfect gifts column is only for those who are rich.
And of course, love me more than themselves.
Which, I advise you not to. XD

10. I never removed the Cross in "m@ylin believes" section.
I can't recall when I put it up but it had not been removed since then.
It had been blessing me & my blog X))

11. I change my "m@ylin's hitz" not so frequently.
Well, I am lazy and I don't care if it's outdated.
Tell me whether I should remove it cause my bro said :
"people hate blogs with songs". True?

12. My labels are total craps.
I just started blogging at that time and I didn't know what to do.
So I just typed in whatever comes in my mind.

13. I read every single updates in "m@ylin's blog roll"
So update your blog if you want me to read your blog.
If no updates, sorry, I'll never drop by.
I will either drop a comment on their post,
or drop some words in their chat boxes.

14. I don't really like pink.
I made my layout with lil pink cause it symbolize girls.
And yea, famous female blogs like Ringo, Xia Xue, May Zhee
are all having pink themes. Pink blogs make $, wtf

15. My blog URL is the combination of my name and birth date.
It is also used for my Yahoo! address and Gmail address.

16. I had a favicon for my blog.
It did not appear on Internet Explorer, only on Mozilla Firefox.
But now it disappeared and I am lazy to do it again.

17. I love using XML codes, hate HTML.
XML codes are simpler and widgets can be added or removed easily.
I never considered HTML even they are nicer,
cause I tried and totally screwed.

18. I am a big fan of Glitter Graphics.
It is the side which provides me all the animated stuffs I wanted.
There's where most animated stuffs in my blog came from.

19. In my blog title "
Live Love Laugh",
I put
cause I can't find shapes for live and laugh. wtf
And because
is a universal shape, and it felt pure.

20. There are snow flakes in my blog.
I know it's weird, having snow flakes in white background.
But what to do, I am loving both. XD

You can see them above images though.


capitalFUE said...

rindu meilin gak..hee:D

maylin said...

hehe~ next sem la kite jmp k..
fue bile ste?

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Anonymous said...

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