Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Random pictures

Before I get hold onto all the pictures of
me dancing and in traditional costume,

I hereby present you some random pictures from my phone,
and of course with some explanations for each of them.
I always have this interest reading blogs with both pictures
and words rather than all words and no graphics.
Since I-am-not-sure-when,
pictures had been ways to convey messages and
in order to make sure the right message is conveyed
(unlike if we read and imagine, sometimes imaginations may go wild).
Or except the writer has superb vocabs.
I admit the quality of the pictures are crappy,
because they were taken with *omg!* less than 2MP camera.

Taken the 1st time I wore traditional costume.
Slept around 2AM and woke up at 4.30AM that day.
Make up used - Black, grey and white.

Taken somewhere at Lundu.
Drove my aunt and cousins to get some groceries.

My lil cousin's toy. I was bored waiting for
my cousins practicing their dances.
So I wrote some Chinese words and explained
to my lil cousin what they meant. ^^

In the car on the way back to my village.
At last my parents allowed me to go back alone.
My first time traveling by bas alone.
Though it was just 1 1/2 hours, great experience! XD

Kissing piggy baby before getting into bed.
My daily routine. Xoxo~

The novel "PS I love U", a present from my L.O.V.E.
He even wrote PS I love U after his message
though he never watch the movie o read the book! sweet~

A pic of baby piggy~

Me and my cousin at Sarawak state library compound.
We just love shades~

That's me, in shades, and braces.

During exam week, stressful days.
Got headaches & temperature rise due to tensions.

Lil kitty got lost and went into the room while we were studying.

My 1st wink in braces.
Taken during my early days with braces.

Studying, I think it was before Chemistry test.
I mean, organic chemistry.
Candid by L.O.V.E.

Took a pic of this Calculus book...

And this physics book in the resource center.
I was lazy to borrow it,
so I thought I can find it the next time I come.
But I only found the former.

Taken during the days when my fringe was still...that-length.

At darling Bel's birthday party, with all the darlings.

My display picture, and in Aqua contact lens.

Me & L.O.V.E on our way back after
Soaring the Eagle development program.

Taken when supposedly should be studying for
Engineering Maths test at undercroft.

My hair was in total mess, no hair bands, no bandanna.
When studying, pen is the only solution (notice the red arrow).

Having supper with L.O.V.E at V5 cafe.
Candid by L.O.V.E again~

Trying out the blurly effect on L.O.V.E's second wife, his Sony Vaio.

Trying out the pirate thingy on L.O.V.E's Vaio~

Valentine's smiles of happiness ^^
Notice from previous pic that L.O.V.E likes smiling like that
(his signature smile I guess)

Taken in the loo after lecture XD
sempat juge~

Retarded pic taken candid by L.O.V.E.
That's the look when I got no appetite.
And I always order fish and rice when I got no appetite. XD

With L.O.V.E during Teluk Batik trip with the Catholic Student Society.
Matching pants ^^
Personally love this pic tonnes!


TH said...

I want to go kuching :) hehe.. but mom in law not allowed coz h1n1

MayLin :: Melinda said...

u can come after the flu cools down a lil, or wear a mask. hehe