Monday, June 15, 2009

Signing off~

Damn bugger~
Just sent my laptop to the Hp Customer Service this afternoon.

The technician said the hard disk failed.

Need to order new hard disk from somewhere else.
Gonna need to wait for another week for my laptop to be cured.

Then~ My external hard drive get attack by virus.
Damn sien la...
Stupid anti virus on my desktop can't remove it.
Now my movies folder kept popping up and disappearing all of a sudden.

Can't wait to balik kampung.
See my cousins, grandparents and relatives.

Going to the beach, the river, the hills.
Such relax life I always wanted, when I retire. lol

Enough of that.
Baby had been very understanding and cooperative since we part.
Sayang him more dy~ XD
Will be waiting for his call tonight.
Hopefully the furious-ation going on bout the camp cooled down dy.

Read Reader's Digest whole day today.
Focused on the jokes part. wtf
Still, felt myself gaining a lil more knowledge.
Watched Bang Bang Tang and Hei Se Hui Mei Mei concert too.
So~ I-dun-noe-wat-they-were-doin.

Time for dinner.
Tonight watch movie habis-habisan.
Pls intro me nice Taiwan soap operas.

Signing off. xoxo

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