Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Result's out!

Result's out, can check in prism utp - the utp student portal.
Only grades are given though,
calculate yourself using Google GPA calculator.

As expected, I didn't made it into Dean's this semester.

First time in my life I went blank papers after papers,

practically the whole week of finals.

First time as well I cried right in front of the exam hall,
right in front of my friends.

I expected something even lower actually,
but it turned out not so bad after all.
I did tried my best, so there's nothing to re


SengYee said...

u did ur best..
cheer up

maylin said...

I noe la u~
4 flat huh?
lol...jk jk..

Lots of things happened during the last exam. Was totally stressed up. But I tried, so was good enough. XD