Sunday, June 14, 2009

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Decided I'll change my template after I fix my lap top.
Which is within this month.
Now, still using my Mum's lap top, I wanna post on something real important.
This post is about a friend of mine.
I'm not sure whether she reads my blog cause she told me she don't really reads blog.
But here, I would like to share my view on her story.
I knew it may not be true from her view,
but it should be an advice to all others who reads my blog.

She is not a very close friend to me, but occasionally we chat and share updates. We were from different high school and currently still in different university. It had been almost 2 or 3 years we had been friends. I know it's not long, but we do share girls stuffs since we had almost the same life experience before. The time I knew her, she was dating this guy who was a bad boy in my school (a reason why I get to know her). She told me her Mum restricted her from dating that guy whom she truly loved. The reason was she was not allowed to date guys of any other races except Chinese (she is a Chinese) and the guy is of course, not a Chinese. I know this sounded really racist but that is the way of thinking of Chinese educated parents, their mind are still closed. At that time, I was faces the same problem with my ex boyfriend, not only different race, but also different religion. When I was in Uni, I broke up with my ex cause it was so much pressure keeping our relationship a secret and plus, being in distance. After a month I was in Uni, I received the news from her that she as well broke up with her then boyfriend. I met another guy who was also now my ex, thinking I was able to settle down this time. But sadly, his egoism was driving crazy and ended the less than 5 months relationship. When I was having relationship with this new guy, my dear friend get hooked up with another guy, also a bad boy. Now you can see how coincident our life is. But when I settled down with my current boyfriend, who is no longer a bad boy and I am starting to act more matured, she told me she did something stupid and was dumped by her boyfriend. She didn't actually told me what she did but she kept crying and saying that she was really stupid. She kept apologizing to the guy and promised him she will changed and asked us (her friends) to witness her change. I later found out she actually was flirting with other guys. Deep in my heart, I was hoping she can really change. Sadly, not up to a month after the break up, she was going around announcing her new boyfriend, who again, is a bad boy. I had no doubt she loves bad boys, looking at her sexy body and charming face. Wearing clothes like tak cukup kain (which usually the style of girls which match bad boys). But I was very sad that she promised everyone that she will change, she told me how much she loved him. I was also hoping the guy will get back to her after she change and apologize. Still, she gave up so easily. Drank alcohols, tried to cut her veins, I said tried, and that's all? Then find another to replace him? I am wondering whether she is going to do that over and over again cause the guys she is dating get worst and worst.

Lesson learnt :
1. Don't date too many people, you'll regret.
2. Be in relationships, not hook ups.
3. Get matured before you start dating.
4. Check out their background before you fall in love.
5. Date people who your family agree with.
6. Try your best to maintain your relationship.
7. Challenges are always there, end it only when in critical stage.

I'm not a pro in relationship, not backstabbing my friend as well...
Just this time, I really want her to change.
Though her current bf is not a good choice,
I support her cause I know she loves him.
But I wish she can settle down with him this time...

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