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On Screen : Soaring The Eagle!

Well, it's actually on blog, not on screen. Lol. It's not the latest movie in cinema, it's the latest event in m@ylin's life. (Can't wait for the Kumang Gawai event coming 20th, getting dressed in traditional costume for the 1st time, make ups and most importantly, a beauty pageant, not showing beauty but traditional costumes which are long forgotten)

It's no longer "coming soon", it's now screening on From the cooperation of PERMATA, PETRONAS, University Teknologi Petronas (UTP), all the wackos of UTP STE batch 1 and the darlings, I present you STE and KL trip~

Warning : This is a long post~

30-31 May 2009

Soaring The Eagle (STE) started on 1 June. The expenses of transport, accomodation and the whole program was paid by PETRONAS, being RM3500 per scholar. We went down to KL on 30 May, stayed 1 night at Wan Lin's comfy house. That night we went for a movie, Night at the Museum 2 , was a fantastic movie, gonna watch it over and over again~ Hang out at Pavilion till 2AM, arrived home almost 3AM, bathe and straight away black out. Slept well the whole night. Woke up at 11AM. Got prepared to go KLCC, the pick up point to go STE, which as I mentioned in my earlier posts, is in Agrotec Ulu Langat Selangor. Before departing to KLCC, met up with the other groups of people who went to Bukit Merah the day before at KL Central. Reached KLCC quite early, managed to take dinner and had a walk around KLCC. Departed from KLCC around 4PM. Reached Agrotec Ulu Langat an hour after. Was thrilled with the landscape at Agrotec. Like the seniors had mentioned, the food was totally fabulous! Check into our dorm, took some rest after the tiring journey. Managed to take dips in the river. At night, had briefing about the program and introductions by all the facilitators. Lights off around 11PM.

Actresses : Maylin & Clare, packing our stuffs right after exam~

Prop : Proton Wira, used to drive down to KL.

Another lead actress : Isabel aka Bel. Taken before departing to KL.

Introducing another actress, Segri aka Bang Bang. Location : Wan Lin's house.

Lead actresses 4 & 5 : Wan Lin & Karen. Dinner at "Very Thai", Pavillion.

Dear roomie, Ms. Clare & Dear neighbour, Ms. Bel.

Don't know what I was doing, winking oso tak macam winking. Too hungry kot~

Posing semacam in the mart~

Wan Lin with the "baby" aka my jacket and outside drinks
(which we curi2 brought in GSC)

Clare & me at GSC.

Me & Bel at GSC.

Our movie tickets, access to Night at the Museum II.

Me & Karen~

Shocked Karen, Retard me and One-eye Bel ^^

Clare bear, Bel & Wan Lin~

Pulling our luggage all around KLCC~

Waiting, waiting and waiting~

The guys, I mean part of them.

See how dunnoe-what-to-do we were~

Cam whore sikit before departing to Agrotec Ulu Langat.
Introducing actresses : Huei Ming (left), Mich aka
Baby (center in kargo pants) and Sook Harn (right)


1-5 June 2009

Program started as earlier as 8.30AM for whole 5 days. Woke up at 7.30AM everyday, just in time to take breakfast and start climbing the hills again to our respective classes. Most activities were indoors, only 1 outdoor activity. Really had fun, knew people, tighten bonds, built up self esteem and tightened bonds. It gets emotional at times, but that was when we get to express ourselves. Had fun bathing at the river with friends. Enjoy the yummilicious food, being served 6 meals a day. And not least, had sweet moments with him. Had public speaking on the 3rd night. Names randomly picked. My paper-with-my-name accidentally jumped out of the container, making me the 1st to go up. After so many presentations, not so nervous anymore. Even though I was shaking, I got commented that I repeated my points by Cheryl, which was totally true cause I ran out of points. Wtf~ cause we were only given 3 minutes to say anything bout STE. My dear roomy said I was confident, which gave me a shocked cause I was the 1st to go up, and I was in total blank of what to do, eye contacts, body language and bla bla bla... Now, enough crappy essays, let the pictures do the talkings!

We were each given an egg to be taken care of for 5 days.
Mine cracked, a lil~ Sshhh...

Our drawings bout our ambitions and dreams. Like kindy~ pasted on the walls ^^

That was how I wrapped my egg. Like a bomb. Wtf~

Nice pic taken from the bridge while we mandi sungai~
Introducing another actress, Kavita (left)

Peace is officially an official sign language for the current screening STE.

More peaces and fun!

More and more peaces and fun!!

Look at me and baby, we were overwhelmed-all 4 of us tried to climb on Clare.

Me trying to climb on Bel and Baby on Clare.

Hip hip hurray! We made it after much effort~

Kavita, Bel and Clare~

Last day of class, no hard feelings.

When it gets cold and bored.

Part of the girls in Batch 1 group 1.

Me, receiving my cert from Pn.Tasnima. The head of STE 2009.

Part of STE 2009 Batch 1 Group 1. Some rushed back to the dorm~

Jumping from the log! Wtf~ I was the 1st to jump.. lol

We all tried to carry Clare~

Clare loves peace sign and fun~ ^^

Darlings tried to throw Baby~

Darlings tried to throw me~

Enjoying mini waterfall. Spot me, I'm camouflaged.

BBQ and Steamboat. Last night of STE.

All dears and darlings~

Another pic of dears and darlings~

More dears and darlings~

Cam whore on the more-than-45degree-steepness hill before departing.
Hanging on memoirs climbing up that hill going to classes & to our dorm.

Another pic at the hill~

Mommie, Baby & Daddie~ Happy family ^^

Me & dear Roomie~

Me & dear Bel jie~

Me & Baby~ The braces girls~

Me & Da Jie aka Dai Ka~

Me & Mui mui Zai aka Ah Mui~

All of us.
To Clare : Bel wants her bag back very badly. proved through this pic ^^

You took my pic, she took your pic, she took our pic @.@

The Mechi girls~

Spot my fingers. Hint : thin, short, semi-long nails, no blue nail polish >.<

I was dreaming enjoying the nice view~

The girls~

View of Agrotec Ulu Langat. Highly recommended. Nice spot for relaxation.

Departing back to KLCC~


6-7 June 2009

Went back to KLCC, shopped till I dropped. Before that, I sent him off to Penang, he'll be 1 of the committee for a camp organized by Catholic Student Society in Penang. He bought me something I really appreciate. Went to Sungei Wang, Lot 10, Low Yat Plaza, Times Square and Pavilion in 7 hours. Bought 1 pants, 2 shirts, 3 pairs of socks and an external hard disk, and many other tinky winky stuffs. Sent Sook Harn and Huei Ming off to Ipoh around 10PM. Went to catch a movie, 17 Again at 12AM. Went back to Mich aunt's apartment around 3AM. Bathe and slept at 4AM. Woke up at 7.30AM, my eyes were all swollen and red. Went straight to KTM station, all the way to KL Central. We all agreed that we hate life in KL. Not only the food are expensive, high living cost, hectic, but we are always living in fear. Moments in the KTM were critical and scary. People smelled of cigarette smoke, beer and guys starring at you. Being always in fear of pickpockets and snatch thieves. Shopping and vacations will do, but not staying there. Reached LCCT at 10.30AM. Boarded AK5208 to Kuching at 1.05PM, flight got delayed. Reached Kuching around 3PM. Home sweet home~

Posing at LCCT while waiting for roomie to check-in.

Cam whore in the boarding hall~

Acknowledgment : Michelle & Isabel.
Thanks for the pictures ^^

p/s 1 : I only post up part of the pics taken. Some are private.
p/s 2 :
Gonna update less after this post, will be busy for kumang gawai.
p/s 3 : I quit Plurking. Twitting is cooler.
p/s 4 : I'm still using Mum's lap top, no $ to repair mine.
p/s 5 : I'm still lazy, not in the mood to change the skin of my blog.
p/s 6 : I miss him~


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