Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Up up and away!

I will be away for a week~
Going back to my village again.
Just got back in Kuching barely 3 days,
and I'm already bored to death.
Decided to go back to my village.
At the same time join the cultural group,
Get to perform dances and travel around! *winks*
27 & 28 June both got performance. Can't wait!
Will be using 8AM bus today~
Daddy's gonna send me to the bus station,
and cousies gonna pick me up when I got there.

Baby went for exposure camp at HIV/AIDS centre.
They really got exposed. LOL
He said they slept outdoor and their schedule very pack.
But he's doing fine.
Still get to sms or call me every night.
Miss him tonnes!

Still, I get to dance at last!
I'm loving it~

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