Friday, June 26, 2009

Short one ^^

Blogging from some cyber cafe at Samarahan area.
Feeling kinda weird, coming back to Kuching just a while.
Yea, though this is my hometown.
Cousin gonna sit for table test and just to buy some stuffs.
Going back to my village again before sunset.
Probably attend a birthday party tonight.
Dance performance on Saturday and Sunday.
Will most probably be permanently back in Kuching next Monday.
At least till my flight back to KL on 15 July.

I'm stucked with Gossip girls.
Managed to prevent myself from watching in Uni.
Cause I knew I'll never stop if I start.
Just look at me now, addicted to those xoxo thingy.
Had been watching the series every night before bed. ^^

Wish us luck for our performance on Saturday and Sunday.
Till then, xoxo~

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