Saturday, November 28, 2009

Psycho racist attack

Below are text conversations between my brother, Jimmy
and 3 anonymous numbers.

Warning : this post contains some racist materials
and is not suitable for sensitive people.
(exact words from the text messages)

Out of the blue moon...

0165765557 : Towk Taufik kawh?? _

Jim : No. Where you get this number?

0165765557 : So, who is this? My fwenz give this 6ber to me..
who's this?

Jim : No, I'm not Taufik. I'm Jimmy.

0165765557 : I don't think so.. where you from?? Why this 6ber at you..
You Taufik or you lie me.. Explian to me where you from??
And how old are you??

*don't believe then no need la. ask so much what for??*

Jim : Sorry, this year exam. Cannot chat.

0165765557 : Can you be my fwenz.. If you old down 17..
I dont have a lot fwenz,and I want you to be my chat fwenz..
You agree..

Jim : Sorry, really cannot chat.

A few hours later...

0165765557 : Please jimmy!! I need your help...

*help to?? kick your ass so that you can stop disturbing him during his exam??*

Jim : Sorry credit very low. Can't reply anymore.

The next day...

0109736068 : Hye??!!..

Jim : Sorry, last msg. Credit really really low.

0109736068 : Jim,,you must relord to reply mine or whatever or whereever you are..

*as if my brother is an animal or something wtf*

1 and a half months later...

0198550454 : Why are you so angry?? You still young or have wife/husband..
From where?? You christian or malay?

*you text people and don't even know the gender??!!*

0198550454 miss called Jim twice.

Jim (credit dry, use brother's number to reply)

Jim : You called me. Now i'm replying with my other number. Who r u?
when did i get angry?

*yeah right...your "other" number. lol*

0198550454 : Sorry, just now wrong number. You jimmy right??
Can you be my friend? I am Aida. Where you from?

*suddenly, she said she's Aida and she knows she is texting Jimmy. wtf*

Jim : No time to chat. Sorry.

0198550454 : No, i dont want to chat with you.. I just want to be your friend..
Please.. i lonely.. where you live... give your number house..
I hope you want to give that..

*walao...lonely also can randomly hook up meh...*

The next day...

Jim : Aiyoh. Now i still exam. Busy ah, how make friend?

0198550454 : Yuupp.. Fine... You want me to go is'nt?? Okey.. sure.. I'm goin now..
We not to chat again.. Ok!! You want that is'nt?
Mesti awak nie org cina kan?? Tak nak lah kwn dgn org bukan islam..
Buang masa je.. Kalau awak org islam kan senang nak kongsi cerita
pasal islam.. Kalau nak,apa salahnya kan.. Can you read malaY?

*this is a moron message. so racist.
type finish then ask whether my bro can read malay. psycho*

Jim (topped up his credit) : Lol. Like that also got. Ok lah go good also.
Btw, i'm not chinese, i'm dayak.

(no reply anymore. Jim had peace for the first time in 2 months)

How hilarious, racist and desperate people can be.
Dial random numbers and force people to be your friend wtf
These 3 numbers are believed to be of the same person,
of unknown gender
(though unbelievably appear as Aida at the end).

You've been warned.
If you think this post is disturbing your sensitive mind,
press Alt+f4.


choo said...

hmm, in my view, i think someone is fell on ur bro la~but too shy to appear in front of him

MayLin :: Melinda said...

but I don't think need to use 3 different numbers eh...or pretending don't know whether my brother married or not...or don't even know my brother is a male. lol XD