Friday, November 6, 2009

My limit

Should I stop blogging?
I suddenly feel that I am not significant to anyone.
That my existence was never felt,
nor will my future disappearance.
My efforts were never known.
I had been patient for so long,
perhaps it is time for revenge.
What is the use being so nice in today's world?
You will never be appreciated.
I learned my lesson, so it is payback time.

For those who were never punctual,
never expect me to be punctual anymore.
Since long long time ago I was taught by my Dad,
to be at least 15 minutes earlier.
Now even if I am late 1 minute,
you will be late for 30 minutes.
Damn you!!
And when the meeting haven't finish,
and I need to leave for another,
you will stare at me.
It's not my fault that the meeting don't end on time,
as if I have all my time for you.

And, for those who think they can push everything to me,
just because they are slightly busier than me.
Wtf is wrong with you, do your part and do it on time!!
what's all with the delay and making things so difficult.
To those who are unable to accept others ideas,
but never give ideas and can't stop being sarcastic,
don't make a fool out of yourselves.

For some reason,
I got so angry till I cried.
I always cry when I am really really angry.
Why on Earth are people so selfish and inconsiderate.
Now they all give me no reason to be considerate,
no reason to be punctual, no reason to be forgiving.
Now I feel that wouldn't it be great for me to treat them the same?
This is not the first time I felt this way.
Only this time I blogged it out to let you think.
You stupid idiots!!
Well, if you read my blog.

I was right.
When people say threat others good
and others will treat you the same.
Be good so that the luck and wealth or
whatever good shits will be with you.
But it is no longer the same in the world today.
Only the foolish try to be good,
and get bullied and tortured.
Today, you must be bad to have the good shits with you.
It doesn't matter what God think.
Just like how corruption is.
You got everything you want, that's it.
Nobody cares the dirty tricks you did.

I'm tired of this place, this world.
I wish to sleep and never get up to face it anymore.
Though there are still so much joys and smiles around,
they are not enough to cover all the sadness and tears.
Why is a smile worth a thousand meaning,
and a tear, worthless?

Here I am eating a bowl of empty noodles,
feeling so sick of everything.
Without anyone who bother whether I exist.
Life goes on even without me.
Is this how people who suicide think?
I think I better shut up from now.
Make a change back to my old self.
Where I got scolded for being too quiet.
I love being quiet, never bothered I was scolded.
It was the world which makes me voice out,
when I got tired of how people ain't making things better.
But now I no longer care what the world is doing.
People are so selfish they never consider what others say.
You do yours, I do mine.
I'm tired. I've reach my limit.


michkirszanelee said...

mei lin..... be strong... we're all facing this. all these unnecessary happenings that upset you, just let them pass. the sem is ending, let those things end with it. I'm also having a hard time, and you know it too. just live with all this shit through the remaining of the sem now, then we go back to Kuching and go crazy!!! =D

oh and please don't stop blogging. I love reading your blog. =)

SengYee said...

Dont stop blogging..
its a place where u speak out..
jz like wat u did..!!!

Daphnee said...

maylin, don give a damn to those people la. ur blog is where u express urself. don stop blogging kay. we are the "faithful" bloggers. lol. u did ur part and if others don do what they should, then ignore them. at least u did ur part and u got nothing to be afraid or guilty of. stay strong darl. *Hugsss*

MayLin :: Melinda said...

mich : the ending of sem really like shit, no mood to do anything dy. back to kch we must hang out kao2!!

seng yee : it is a place for me the speak out. but some ppl don't like me speaking out marh... besides, im so tired dy...see la, maybe long break.

daph : i always try to do my part, but so pissed that why only i'm doing and they goyang unfair. yea, i guess i'm just gonna take a long break from blogger. *huggsss back*

Kasia Kanaun. said...

Sabar. Ame pagariatn gia' manas koa. Idup nyian memang jakoa.

MayLin :: Melinda said...

kasia kanaun : udah ama ba ku sabar. anak bato ugak mun dah disimpan ama2, mun dah meletup susah jaji'e. gik sabar ugak nyian, lebih2 pun blog ajak, anak babunuh.. hahah