Sunday, November 29, 2009

Protect the minority

Yes, me.

I feel sort of offended today.

Just because I am small sized.

Usually called petite,

that doesn't mean I am weak.

Watched a beauty program just now,

on how to wear clothes and make yourself look slimmer.

It is always "how to look slimmer".

Yeah, cause more people are fat.

No offense, I eat a lot.

Seriously, my appetite grew day by day.

But still, no difference in weight or height.

People only show this expression when I eat --> O.o

Then they continue treating me like a child.

Why don't out of 10 episodes,

make at least 1 on "how to look fatter"?

Then I was browsing through the net to find dance shoes.

I found this special order for size 9 and above,

why aren't there for size 4 and below?

Like always, no one care about the minority.

Padini is the only one with size 3 but only some designs.

Some baby tees are only China made.

If any of you know where to find XS clothes and size 3 shoes,

please do not hesitate to tell :D

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