Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I was so bored yesterday so besides doing the smokey eyes makeup,

I decided to do paper hair curls.

So here are the before and after picture.

Stop laughing cause it ain't funny wtf

I had to sleep with paper curls on my head and believe me,

it is NOT comfortable at all.

Well, I guess it's true that girls will

go through the pain just to be beautiful.

For example, wearing high heels or

getting your scalp burnt by the straightening iron wtf

After I finished rolling and tying all the papers on my hair.

When I opened all the papers. So fluffy right?

Reminds me of my curly hair days.

I did curled my hair like this after form 5.

Last me less than a month though it cost me MYR100 something.

I can't stand the maintenance. So I straighten it back.

That was when I spoil my silky hair wtf

Just add a lil water, straighten the front part.

There you go, a less fluffy wavy hair.

I ran my fingers through so many times,

so no more curls, only waves wtf

The fun part is,

when you wash your hair it will be straightened back! :D

Me loveee experimenting.


Wan Lin said...

sory for the big reaction las night ahah clare la!!!! :P ok im blaming evryhting on her again. hahaha

anyway!! IT LOOKS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!! well maybe if u wanna let it las longer, perhaps can put styling gel before u put on the paper curls.
or spray some stuffs on to hold the curls, after u remove the ppaer curls. it looks good!!

MayLin :: Melinda said...

thanks dear!
But I don't like small curls like this...all tangled up. Hahah. Next time try big curls. need to buy the spray, then I can change my hair straight-curly-straight-curly without damaging it. yeah!! XD