Saturday, November 28, 2009

The story of a girl

This is the story of a girl....

Who wants to learn guitar, dancing and singing in less than 2 months.

Who sleeps at random time between 10pm to 3am for no reason.

Who over sleeps and stays awake for no reason.

Who wants to get angry and ignore her boyfriend.

Who wakes up only to see his sweet message and smile to herself.

Who carries her laptop up and down everyday.

Who visits blog shops everyday but seldom find suitable ones.

Who grew up with short gel head.

Who was always a sweeper in school.

Who cannot wipe the window pans cause she is too short.

Who writes silly Mandarin essays can make you laugh till you peng.

Who once love blue but now admires red.

Who thinks her memory is depleting fast.

Who eats lots but never grow fat.

Who is dark since born not because kawad kaki too much.

Who adores vacation more than gadgets.

Who only plays Solitaire and not Dota or The Sims when she is bored.

Who wants to build a house near the beach but scared of Tsunami.

Who will ran away or shiver when she sees needle.

Who says fuck and shit very often but under control.

Who won't occupy much space in the car.

Who loves Korean and Indonesian drama.

Who only wears XS or S clothes.

Who wears shoes size 2 or size 3 at most.

Who has naturally straight hair but I straightened it again so yeah.

Who genetically has skin problem.

Who visits skin specialist since she was 7 or 8 years old.

Who prefers Pizza Hut over KFC and KFC over McDonald.

Who hates insects as much as she hates needles.

Who never thought she will get paid for studying ya scholarships.

Who thinks studying is a very tough job will little pay but worth it.

Who wrote this because she is too bored. :)

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