Monday, November 16, 2009

Lots of smiles & loves

It time to do Blog shopping and Blog hopping!!

I am super exited my exam ended.

And our anniversary is tomorrow!! :D

He will be sitting for his last paper tomorrow.

All the best Babe!

I had been sleeping for 12 hours.

Dreamt about a high school crush.

Nothing love-based or dirty wtf

He turned out to be a great friend in my dream.

We still contact each other time to time though.

My head still feels kinda heavy,

but thank God I have all my time to rest. :)

Had been watching Youtube videos on the Carefree Queen competition,

and still deciding whether I should take dance lessons during holidays.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Decided to change my study method,

to avoid making myself sick every exam season wtf

Decided to quote play unquote make ups as well.

Will Babe be generous enough to bring me out after his exam?

Will you Babe? :D *hint hint*

Love him superb much, he had guide me through.

And made me a lil more insane during the exam season.

Okay, mengantuk d...

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axiz of alteration said...

i think its supposed to be *wink wink* instead of *hint hint*... lol...