Monday, November 16, 2009


Here is a smokey eyes tutorial did specially for dear Wan Linnie.

She said she is still having trouble doing smokey eyes.

Well, I am still learning so here I shall show the common smokey eyes.

With 3 tones, silver, grey and black.

You can find tutorials on smokey eyes with other tones,

such as blue, purple and green.

You can use any monochromatic make ups you have.

I am using the cheap ones cause I don't use make up often,

so I guess there is no point buying expensive ones wtf

But the decision is up to you. :)

* * * * * * * * *

Okay, enough of the introduction.

Now, the first step is always to clean your face and exfoliate it.

Make your skin clean before applying make ups.

If your skin is very dry and peeling at certain areas,

like mine, apply lotion on the affected area.

1. As you can see,

I am having dark circles due to sleep deprive.

Just finished my exams and at last,

I got my sleeping hours back. :)

2. So the motif of my concealer here

mainly is to decrease my eye bag

because I don't have any acne (for now) or scars on my face.

Use a two-way sponge to dab the concealer and blend it.

3. After applying concealer,

apply a thin layer of foundation.

Remember the neck line as well.

4. Start with the lightest colour

(among the 3 tones -silver).

Apply at the centre of the eyelids and

at your brow line as indicated by the arrows.

Be careful not to reach the edges.

5. Next, apply the intermediate tone (here being grey)

near your tear ducts, as indicated with number 1.

Apply the darkest tone (being black) at the outer side,

as indicated with number 2.

Softly blend them together but avoiding smooching the colour.

6. Apply eyeliner at the bottom lid.

As for me, I prefer pencil eyeliner for bottom lids.

7. Apply a lil of (darkest tone) black eyeshadow

on the outer side of the lower lid.

Connect it with the upper eyeshadow

to create more shape to the eyes.

8. Apply white eyeshadow on the lower

lids near your tear duct as indicated.

9. Reapply the lightest tone (silver) on the

brow bone to enhance the shape of the eyes.

10. Blend it together with the eyeshadow at the eyelids.

11. Apply liquid eyeliner at the upper lids.

You can extend it at the end for sexier look.

(I use pencil for lower and liquid for upper :D )

12. Curl your eye lashes.

13. Apply mascara.

14. Dab on some black eyeshadow and

apply on your eyebrows.

I prefer using eyeshadow than eyebrow liner

because it can be drawn easier.

15. Apply any of your favourite lipstick or lip gloss.

I am using my favourite Nivea lipcare gloss & shine.

16. Apply a thin layer of blusher

to avoid looking like a clown. :D

17. Apply eyeshadow with tone slightly darker

than your skin on both sides of your nose.

This will create a sharp nose illusion.

(There are make up pencil specially for

this but I found an easier way, again :D )

18. The same illusion method

this time for sharper chin/jaw line.

Apply the eyeshadow slightly

below your cheekbones and going down your chin.

* * * * * * * * * *

Walla! Here are 2 images (more to camwhore wtf)

of me after the make up.

Did it just for this tutorial.

Rubbed it off right after I snapped these pictures. :)

See the big difference from the first picture?? Hehe.. :)

I admit make up did a lot of work on me.

But I still like natural look. Babe likes natural too.

Though he does admit like looking at pretty girls.

Which guys don't, right? XD


Wan Lin said...

thank u !!! ^^

ooo goodie haha... will try smokey eyes again during sem break ^^

MayLin :: Melinda said...

great! xoxo. Good luck for your last paper later yeah!! :D