Saturday, November 21, 2009

where I belong

home sweet home!

landed in Kuching on AK5214 at 7pm.

took dinner with my family.

then went shopping with them.

got back to my comfy bed.

everytime I'm back,

there will be some changes at home.

I knew it.

this time,

a freezer on the second floor,

right in front of my room! :D

a surprise,

Mum got sick when I was having my finals.

yup, nobody told me.

I understand why.

she was admitted to the hospital for 4 days.

in recovery period now.

she can't eat solid food yet.

about yesterday's girls day & night out,

we watched 2012,

my rating at 7/10.

I expected something more.

then, we had buffet dinner at 2 plus 1,

steamboat plus grill.

after dinner, went for karaoke till 2am.

started packing only when we got back.

packed till 6am, woke up at 9am.

almost missed our 11am bus.

was just in time.

enjoyed each others company for a 4 hours journey.

reached airport 2 hours earlier,

had lunch, checked in.

bit goodbye.

okay, I need to hit the bed now.

3 hours sleep only this morning.

damn! I miss him already.

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