Tuesday, November 17, 2009

never let go ♥

I still remember the day he first

said "hi" to me during Moral lesson.

He said we talked before, but I can never recall.

Sorry. Hehe :D

All the star gaze, walks,

until the day you dared yourself to hold my hand.

You said you were in love and I asked who was that girl.

My heart was pumping fast,

cause I was afraid that you won't say my name.

I love you but I didn't dare to let you know.

When you held my hand

and asked that heart stopping question,

yes, my heart skipped a few beats. :D

I was speechless,

couldn't even open my mouth to say "yes".

I just held your hand tighter,

and you knew what I meant.

You let me lean on your shoulder,

and we star gazed the whole night. :)

All those nicknames,

arguments and swearing,

to the Indonesian speaking us today.

Every moment counts.

Today is our one year anniversary.

He had his final paper today as well.

But he remembered our anniversary,

when I thought all he was thinking about was his studies.

He wished us exacted at 12 midnight.

I understand we couldn't afford a grand celebration

and we don't have the time to celebrate on the day itself.

So instead, we had supper at night.

And I told him this:

"the most special anniversary ever is when
it is not celebrated with materials,
no gifts, no trips, no treats...
but just me & you enjoying the presence of one another,
at the mamak stall. Hahah! thanks."

* * * * * * * * * *

Your presence, is my present,

is my gift for this special day.

My favourite picture.

It was so spontaneous. :D

~Cheers to many more years to come.

May God be with us always,

and may He bless our relationship. Amen~

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