Thursday, November 19, 2009

my life

My life had been full of challenges.

I fell a lot and worked very hard to stand back up.

I didn't know it was so bad until someone told me this:

"you must had sinned so much in your past

life that you are facing all these."

Yea, it is that bad.

I faced moments where I was too weak to face the world,

but I am glad many gave me support.

The love I received guide me through everything.

And I love everyone for that.

If you did something wrong to me before,

hehe...nevermind, you are forgiven.

I don't keep grunges.

But I do hope you forgive me too. :D

Just so random :

"When all songs and moments remind me of him,

and when he forgotten every important thing he promised me,

it hurts to think whether he will still remember me when I'm gone."


axiz of alteration said...

" those who claimed one-self to be sinned is actually blind and foolish to not realise how much blessed they actually are, when challenges are blessings in disguise "

-quote from anonymous-

MayLin :: Melinda said...

yea. well said. the challenges actually make me realize who my true friends are and make me realize I can actually move further & stronger than I expected. But people seeing what I am facing will not want to be in my position. hahah

axiz of alteration said...

haha dat depends... btw, try to use a bit better english la... ur grammar is like @@ .. and its grudges btw, not grunges... lol... no offense inteded...

MayLin :: Melinda said...

I know I don't have perfect English like yours. But I guess you've read worst. A reason why I prefer writing short sentences. haha. even the famous bloggers have total rojak in theirs. oh well...

axiz of alteration said...

= =... actually i haven't came across anything worse (not 'worst' well, rojak,yes i noe, but wrong use of words and grammer, hmmmm ... :P

but consider urself special since not many ppl actually could purposely go worse... u are writing in crappy english purposely rtye? :P

no offense inteneded... maybe....