Monday, November 3, 2008


Woke up early today…

Heard Clare making noises around 6AM.

Later I found out that when I woke up at 6AM, she was just about to sleep.

She talked to Wan Lin the whole morning.

I woke up and lied on my bed for an hour.

Not sure what was the reason I was wide awake at that hour,

even though I slept around 2AM.

After an hour lying in bed, I took out my Physics notes and started revising.

Though I was very sure I was just flipping through the pages.

(I was not in a study mood…was geeting more and more sleepy..)

Then I realised I forgotten something.

I need to print my Drama cocuriculum assignment and hand it in today.

So an hour before the meeting,

I printed my assignment and handed it to Bella, who’ll be going for the meeting.

I was supposed to go to church early this morning but Clare invited me for evening mass.

But told our Drama lecturer that I will be attending Sunday Service,

So I just skipped the Drama meeting. *Oppss!*

I took a nap, or better known as a sleep, for an hour.

It was all planned.

We went down to Ipoh around 2PM,

me, Clare, Bel, Sook Harn & Huei Ming – in a rented Myvy.

1st : we went to Jusco (I was trying to memorize the route-read my post on lost & found).

Bought some “secret” stuffs for our friends at Jusco,

and bought some groceries for ourselves (mostly snacks though..)

2nd : me, Bel & Clare went to St.Michael’s Church.

It’s my favourite place of all time.

Totally touch and got spirit filled after church.

Saw old women who used walking aids and can barely stand but still determined to go to church.

Listened to the Father saying we must appreciate life and,

listened to him saying Jesus sacrificed for us so we should sacrifice for one another.

All those words really touched me deeply and feeling how blessed am I.

Besides, Clare found a song with super nice lyrics,

From the song “Lord, Thank You”.

While we were at church, Sook Harn & Huei Ming went to Ipoh Parade,

Which is just opposite St. Michael.

3rd : As planned, we went for steamboat.

Seriously this is the first time I went so full eating after I came to Perak.

It was a steamboat buffet where you can eat all you want,

but wasted food will be charged RM10 per 100grams.

So we ate till it was worth our RM23 each steamboat buffet..

I was so full till I wanted to vomit, and all of us were too full to even talk after that.

4th : Drove around Ipoh looking at peoples’ houses.

I mean banglos and mansions.

We opened our eyes and believed that those peoples are freakingly rich,

Having superb houses and superb cars.

Bel, I know you love the modern & the yatch-look mansion.

One day Bel…one day….

(p/s : I love them too!!)

5th : Went back to UTP.

Reached around 10.30PM.

Took picture with our rented white Myvi.

We were all wearing white too!

(White chicks just wanna have fun… :P )

6th : Bathing & sleeping time.

Tomorrow will start lecture again.

This week will be our lab test week.

2 more weeks to go till study week, then exam week.

Need to work hard now.

Must stop going to town.

Had been to Ipoh twice in a weekend.

Yet, there are 2 tests this week, Physics & Thinking Skills.

Gambatte everyone!


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