Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lost and Found

Went to Ipoh town after Physics replacement class yesterday.
To buy props for drama our drama presentation.
We rented 2 cars, a Kelisa and a Kancil.
In Kelisa : Stiel, Afif & Asyraf.
In Kancil : Me, Nabila, Mark & Terry.
All of us are from Sarawak can anybody lead the way?
Terry was the driver for Kancil and Stiel was the driver for Kelisa.
At 1st we wanted to follow a bus since none of us knew the way there.
But then, we saw no bus so we just went on and on.
We just followed the sign boards going to Ipoh.
At last we reached Ipoh.
But by that time, we saw no sign of each other.
The Kancil and Kelisa went in different way.
Now, we lost our sense of direction.
We were actually planning to go to Jusco but we saw no sign of it.
Instead, we went round and round the town.
We even went past Sungai Kinta for 3 or 4 times.
And went through a tunnel where we're not supposed to be .
But we went past Ipoh Parade a few times and at last we gave up.
We changed our plan from Jusco to Ipoh Parade.
While the Kelisa was still busy looking for Jusco.
Went up Ipoh Parade's parkings.
Was supper dizzy cause it went round and round and round.
Bought some of our props at Ipoh Parade.
And took lunch around 3 or 4pm.
When we decided to go back, we got confused where is the car park.
We went up and down the elavator.
Then when we reached the car park,
we forgotten where we actually parked the car.
So we went around almost the whole floor looking for the car.
Had tiring moments we actually got lost in Ipoh Parade .
Then, we decided to meet up with the guys at Greentown Mall.
Even going to Greentown Mall, we missed the turning.
So we have to go around making a big turn.
We even got really lost that we met a dead end.
That time I was driving, sorry guys.
But we successfully made it to Greentown mall.
We met up with the guys, who was long lost.
There, we bought most of our props including our costumes.
3 of us were doing the shopping : me, Nabila & Mark.
While the guys went around and waited for us.
All of a sudden, I received a sms "fucking shit! faster ar!"
I knew guys are always impatient when it comes to shopping.
But this is way too far.
But 3 of us ignored the sms, the props are the priorities.
After buying almost everything needed, we headed back straight.
This time, we got lost finding our way back to UTP.
It was already around 8 at night and it was dark.
We made a few turning backs and lastly found our way out.
Before going back to UTP,
we stopped at Taman Maju to buy some other props.
Then went back to UTP dead tired .
When I reached my room, I realized I forgotten my keys.
And my roomy was not around!
Worst, my phone went dead.
Real dead as in cannot be on even for a second.
I waited in Nabila's room until my dear roomy came back.
Thanks Bella!
I rushed to take my bath cause I was supposed to take supper with Piggybutt.
We promised at 10.
But it was already 10 mins past 10pm when I entered my room.
I had to postponed it till 11pm.
Took my bath totally refreshed!
And went out for supper.
Took mamak food at Village 5 and went back around 1am.
Was so sleepy and tired.
I went straight to bed and snoozed off immediately.
Was a good experience driving and getting lost in Ipoh.
Peace! =)


Jeremy said...

Hahaha piggyhead lost herself at ipoh lol!

Melinda MayLin said...

u piggy butt!! ya la..coz we all frm swk, where gt we know the way... but at least some of us gt the vision of the routes, unlike me who gt no vision at