Saturday, November 29, 2008

Please la..

I'm totally pissed off and tired of this..
Stop saying that I promised God what-ever-u-r-talking of!!
Damn, this is so disappointing..
I promised God nothing..
I'm not married or anything,
so I dun have to promise God to stick with "you" or who-so-ever forever.
So stop saying I promised God what-so-ever!!
I thought "you" are the one who said you cried bitterly,
and felt bad cause you promised God.
So what does that got something to do with me???
Just because you promised doesn't mean that I promised too!
Can't you just move on and f*ck off with all the other girls you already have??
I mean your wife and your girlfriends.
Guys (especially some who can't seemed to move on well),
stop the sarcasm please...
Nama saja ada wife or girlfriend,
but still go woo other girls, just to get yourself occupied.
This type of guys - Playboy...~swt~
If you are saying me a playgirl, i learned my lesson.
I was, and now no longer.
I already have my one and only.
So why can't you change now?
One more thing, why believe on rumors?
You want the truth, come to me and ask me face to face,
I'll make sure you know what the "truth" really means.
Please la k..
I did not even promise "you" anything,
how can I promise God??
I swear I did not promise God anything!!
Move on guys! Life is a journey...
Why turn back when you can move on??

Okay, enough of guys..
Now girls..
Well, I am a girl,
but i am really pissed off with some girls staying at my dorm.
Don't know which..
Please la,
it is either you are too lazy, too shy,
or your brain grew outside your head.
Did not you know that throwing your fucking pads inside the bathroom
"water-flow-hole"(whatever you call that) will block the flow of the water,
and cause flood in the bathroom??
Come on...
Staying in our dorm are all girls,
it is not like other girl do not have that "p" thingy.
Be more responsible please.

It may be just rumors,
or it maybe a deadly truth.
But I just hate how $ money $ can always do it's job so well.
So, $ money $ can help you get CGP 4 in this modern world huh?
Humans change for the worst.
No wonder it is raining a lot lately, God must be crying..

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