Thursday, November 27, 2008

Exam Fever

This is like the history being repeated.
I am sick again during exams.
Perhaps I have the sickness called "exam fever".

Those who sat for SPM together with me,
should had known how sick I was during that time.

I remembered,
it was just last year end.
I was terribly knocked down by high fever.
I was in bed for 24 hours, tried to study but stopped by my parents.
I went to exam everyday after taking my medicines,
or at times, after vomiting.
The whole SPM week I was having high fever.
My dad even suggested for me to take sick leave,
and sit for the exam other time.
I spent around half of my exam hours sleeping,
which means i did my papers super fast, then sleep.
I brought packets of tissues to the exam room,
and the only sound you can hear during exam was my cough.

I can't recall which paper was it.
That day was terrible, my fever was killing me.
I was trying not to throw up during the exam,
but after I came out, i throw up at the school's drain.
Everyone looked at me, including some teachers passing by.
Even during the last day of SPM was embarrassing,
I had to wear "cool fever" to the exam, it was Biology paper.
And I remembered how the Pengetua starred at me
as I walked out from the exam room.

After SPM, I had not recovered.
Took me around a week or 2 to recover from my fever, flu & cough.
When the result was about to be announced,
everyone was eager to know mine,
-the girl who actually had high fever the whole week of SPM.
The 1st person who was shocked was my Mum,
of course, she was the one who knew deeply how terribly sick I was.
Praised God for helping me.

And now, the "exam fever" hits me again.
I am having flu & sore throat during my finals for my 1st semester.
Yet, the medicine makes me sleepy,
which causes me to sleep, sleep & sleep.
In other words, no study.
I tried to, but I just can't concentrate.
Others were busy going to study at the IRC,
but i am in my room almost 24 hours, too tired to go anywhere.

Before this post, I had just woke up to my fourth sleep of the day.
My biological clock in now so wild due to the medication,
and my urge to study.

This is what happened to my biological clock yesterday & today :

2pm - 6.30pm : slept (after medication)
6.30pm - 11pm : awake (tried to study but was so tired)
11pm - 2am : slept (after medication)

2am - 4am : study (woke up naturally)
4am - 7am : slept
7am : woke up to take medicine, then slept again
9.30am - 11am : woke up naturally
11am - 2pm : slept again (was sleepy)
2pm - 3pm : study
3pm - 7pm : slept (after medication)

I was feeling so tired.
So sick and in pain.
I thought i was going to sleep forever,
cause when i tried to wake up earlier,
I had no energy at all to pull myself out of bed.

God, I need your help..
Please give me the strength so that I am able to study in a fit body,
so that I can gain knowledge and serve you well.
God, I pray to you for good health so that I am able to sit for my exams,
and try my best in my exams to pass with flying colours.
In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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