Saturday, November 29, 2008

Disapointment to the Max.!

Engineering Maths exam was a total disappointment.
I don't really hate that subject so much, I actually love part of it.
But, the exam was terrible.
I entered the super-cold-chilling-freezing-ice-age chancellor hall,
sat at my table numbered 118.
Was feeling okay, prepared myself,
except memorizing the formula.
memorizing is never my expertise.
In short, my memory sucks.
When we were asked to flip through the questions,
I was quite sure I am able to answer quite well,
but as expected, it was an endless nightmare for whole 3 hours.
I seemed to get stuck on every question,
I was unable to make wise decision on which question to choose from,
and left most of the questions half way done.
Even forgotten all the trigonometry formula,
can't believe we are not provided with all the freaking trigonometry formula.
In whole, I left many questions blank,
chosen the difficult questions,
missed out the easy ones,
and screwed up the whole paper.
After I finished the paper.
I was like, did I missed out something?
I knew I missed out answering many questions,
but there was something else.
Then I realized, I forgotten my prayer before exam.
And for goodness sake this is the first time I forgotten to pray for my exam!
How can I actually forgotten, yet this is the worst subject in history.
I mean, till now.
God, help me...

This is where some of us had our Engineering Maths exam.
The super-cold-chilling-freezing-ice-age Chancellor Hall

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