Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sleeping Flu

This whole week,
I had not been sleeping well...
Woke up naturally everyday due to nose blockage,
and non stop sneezing...
Worst is, I woke up when I did not even slept enough.
Today, I slept 4-5 hours only..
But then, I can't breathe cause my nose was blocked.
So I had to wake up, blow my nose & stuffs..
Sorry roomy, I knew I'm disturbing your sleep.
And the sneezing plus nose-blowing parts are lil disgusting..
Why this happens every morning?
This stupid flu...
Weird thing is, it only happens after I sleep.
No matter when I sleep,
morning, afternoon, evening, night..
When ever I wake up,
I will be sneezing and blowing my nose.
But after an hour or 2 of all those sufferings,
the flu will be gone itself...
Weird huh..
It may be called morning flu if it happens only in the morning.
But this, even after afternoon nap...
It's unbearable.
Hopefully it will cure after finals..
Last paper on Monday.
Another weird subject after Moral Studies,
It's Thinking Skills.
Was supposed to teach us the correct way to think,
and make us more creative in problem solving or stuffs like that.
But not sure whether it really worked out for me.
Argh!! Stupiak flu..
Going back to sleep..Zzzz... ><

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