Tuesday, January 27, 2009

1st day of CNY

It is the ending of 1st day of Chinese New Year,
and the beginning of the 2nd day of Chinese New Year..
Guess what I did??
Woke up around 3pm...
Got myself online, washed my clothes..
Took dinner with Segri around 7.30pm..
At 9.30pm, went to the sports complex with him..
Played tennis in the squash court..
(I know it was weird but we had fun~at least it was closed up)
Had weird feeling and stares for being the only girl in whole bunch of guys..
I mean whole complex full of guys and I was the only girl..
Luckily he was there...
After our silly play of tennis at the squash court...
Went star gaze at our usual spot..
Total peacefulness, fresh air, feel of nature surrounded us..
The sky was quite clear, managed to had a nice view..
Chit chatted for a while, played kids game...
Tought him cha-cha basics ~ realized he's a fast learner..
Then I suggested we jog around the field..
We seriously did..
Trust me, the field is large but I was not tired..
Don't ask me why (maybe he was beside me)..
We jogged and marathon run around the whole field..
Came back to the spot, and chatted again..
It was around 1.30am,
we got up and walked back to our respective hostels..
Again, thanks for taking away my loneliness..
And missing the movie you wanted to watch for sports with me..
But I'm hungry...
Why didn't ask Lolo to ta pau for me too....
(I know you are eating happily now..XP)Align Right


Jeremy said...

LOL sorry dear didnt tapau u nasi goreng ayam the other day

Melinda :: MayLin said...

still love u loads baby..
muackss! XP