Monday, January 26, 2009

Most Unexpected New Year

Yesterday was Chinese New Year eve..
Today is the 1st day of Chinese New Year..

Yesterday, I went down to Ipoh town with him again..
Was supposed to have an additional of his roomy,
but sadly he was kinda addicted to his computer games..
We intended to attend the 5pm sunset mass at St.Michael's Chapel..
However, the mass was canceled without our acknowledgment,
and was changed to Chinese New Year mass at 10.30pm..
We were having doubts whether we should just take dinner and skip this week's mass..
But I thought it would be a waste driving all the way to Ipoh just for dinner..
So he suggested we catch a movie while waiting for the mass to start..
As a result, we unexpectedly went for a movie at Ipoh Parade ~ Inkheart..
Had some trouble looking for parking at Ipoh Parade,
my driving skills proven to be upgraded.. *winks*

The movie ended around 8.40pm..
Then we decided to take our dinner..
We tried Marybrown (yea, it's the 1st time in Ipoh)..
After dinner, went back to St.Michael's Chapel..
It was already super packed went we reached..
Went in the church but did not suspected anything..
Until....the hymn sang in Chinese...
Both of us were kinda shocked,
since in the notice it was not written that the mass will be in Chinese..
It was my 1st time attending Chinese language mass..
I felt so sorry for him cause he did not understand much..
Suggested to him that we go off earlier but he did not want to..
Really thank him a lot for bearing with everything..
We (and all the brothers & sisters that went) got ang pau and mandarin orange..

The mass ended exactly at 12am (New Year)..
Again, unexpectedly we had spent our Chinese New Year at the church,
(cause we did not intend to attend the Chinese New Year mass at 1st)..
And hands in hands in the car..
On our way back to our Uni, we watched fire works around..

Everything was unexpected..
The movie, the dinner, the Chinese New Year mass, the fire works..
But still, it was our 1st Chinese New Year together..
And it was one of the best moments spent in my life...

Thank you for everything...


@ SmalL G!RL said...

lovely :)

hw's inkheart?

Melinda :: MayLin said...

was not bad..
quite interesting actually..
vote it 8/10.. XD

Chiang Jinn said...

happy chinese new year to you ar!!
u oso didnt go back?
wat the name of the song in ur blog?
very nice..

Melinda :: MayLin said...

Happy Chinese New Year to u 2!
yea..i stayed back in utp..
the song?
Crush by David Archuleta..:)