Saturday, January 17, 2009

1st post of 09 from Uni

Currently blogging from my room for this whole semester..
Which is also my old room in Village 2..
Tiring journey..
Woke up around 7am..
Took bath, got ready..
Then Dad drove me to the airport at 8am..
Met some friends of the same flight..
Around 7 of us..
Me, Bella, Mark, Awang, Azwan, Abang and Javier..
Mostly guys, only 2 girls..
What can I say..I'm not stereotyping,
but I guess it is known that engineering courses are mostly taken by guys..
Landed at LCCT around 10.50am..
10 minutes earlier then scheduled..
3 of my friends went off earlier with the 12pm bus..
Leaving me alone waiting for piggy butt..
Piggy butt arrived 15 minutes later than schedule..
Their flight got delayed..
Actual arrival was around 12.15pm..
Took light lunch together with the group of guys from his flight..
And some from dunnoe-which-flight-just-met-somewhere..
Namely Aaron, Mevin, Afif and Abu..
Another friend of ours, Ranie using another flight arrived just in time..
She arrived around 1.30pm..
So just in time for us to take the 2pm bus..
The journey to Medan Gopeng, Ipoh felt a little longer than usual..
Perhaps due to a car accident which happened on the way,
which caused quite a massive traffic jam..
But we managed to watch the whole movie of "IP Man" on the bus..
I didn't managed to sleep, no idea why..
Maybe the feeling of how lucky and loved I am,
when he kissed me on my forehead whenever I put my head on his shoulder..
which makes me a little over excited the whole journey.. *winks!*
Back to the journey..
We took taxi, 4 of us..
Me, Ranie, Piggy butt and Aaron..
Reached Uni around 6.30 to 7pm...
Super tired and was raining to heavily..
Wan Lin drove me & some other guys for dinner at Village 5..
Came back to the room after that and felt so miserable..
I had nothing since the common room and Block O are locked..
All I had was my luggage I brought here..
Took Sook Harn to become my partner in crime..
We climbed through the common room's window to take our stuffs..
Super heavy books made us half dead carrying them up to the 3rd floor..
But what I left there was only unimportant stuffs..
Like books, files and hangers..
What I really need are all in Block O..
So I seriously need to wait another day..
I took a bathe without soap..
I am not being unhygienic,
what else can I do when I was sweaty all over,
and all I have is tooth brush and tooth paste??
Use tooth paste as shower foam?? *sighs..*
So that's it..
I am still currently borrowing Sook Harn's bed sheet..
Can't afford to lie on the bed without it..
Despite I was the last one who used it,
but it's still not my own bed~like the one I had at home..
My roomy, Clare dear is just back... XD
Starting to get crazy again..
Laughing hysterically again..
Back to Uni live!

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