Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Consider cars??

I want a car..I mean I NEED a car. I know it's a large present, which someone may not even consider giving me, but walking on foot even around the Uni is just too pathetic..Or at least, give my a scooter just to move around in Uni. I was just starting to gain weight ~ seriously I am, can't button 2 of my shorts already) over the Chinese New Year holidays, and now, I have to start walking again everyday under the sun for quite a long distance to lectures, which for sure will burn away all my already-too-less fat. And I seriously want to get rid of the uneven tone of my skin due to uneven exposure to the sun. I am doing this for my roomy's sake too, WE NEED cars! People having good driving skills like us should not have our skills hidden by having NO car, at all. Considering just going out for lunch or dinner when all the cafes are closed, or the over expenses of renting a car plus fuel...don't you think we seriously NEED cars?? Or maybe just a scooter to move around in Uni. Sometimes we accidentally wake up late for lectures you know..and that's when walking doesn't sounds so cool. I can't stand every time how my dinner is used up by the time I reach my room after dinner either, especially when we want to try some better delicacies at V5 compared to V2. Mum, Dad, Aunty, Uncle... Please consider your one & only daughters.. XD

p/s :
Wanna thanks him for ordering the "P.S. I love U" novel online. Never thought he'll do that for me (I never even order a book for myself online). I had been looking for the novel all around Kuching during the sem break but it was sold out. Sadly the novel reached his house just when we reached LCCT. So his Mum had to post it over here again. Pity the novel, kept traveling. Today, it just reached our Uni. Gonna get it from him tonight. Thanks for everything baby. Heart you loads...♥


Daphnee said...

hey maylin!
we seriously NEED cars to move around la.. its so inconvenient.. haih.. but i still cant convince my mum. so sad. =(

btw, im reading ps i love you too..
its awesome!
and he is so sweet and nice.. ordering the book for you.. damn jealous! haha

lastly, HAPPY CNY!
i'll be back on sat... hehehe!

Melinda :: MayLin said...

my parents to..
Actually they dun allow me to drive..

Happy CNY to u to! X)

p/s : gonna force him to write a msg & sign in the book.. XP

Daphnee said...

hahhaa.. mine too.. say im clumsy. =p so bad! hahaha

eh, u better cal him write something. end with p.s i love you too. haha. so romantic!!

Melinda :: MayLin said...

I asked him to write yesterday..
I covered my eyes and told him I'll only look when I got back to my room...

Guess what he wrote??
*secret*..and it seriously ended with PS I love U!!

I quickly sms him : PS I love U too..

He's so sweet!

Daphnee said...

Omg! he really did?
so so so so sweet lah~~~~~
ps i love you somemore...
seriously jealous this.. very.. haha
ended with ps i love you again.. okay.. im gonna go steal the book and peek what he wrote. hahaa!

Melinda :: MayLin said...

I din noe he actually did wrote that till I reached my room..

I'll protect the book with all my love, no stealing!
nothing so special la.. XP

Jeremy said...

Lol no wonder u were so shocked when i wrote 'ps. i love u'. I swear i totally dunno wat to write. Then remembered the title of the book haha. Enjoy the book dear! Muahh

. said...
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Melinda :: MayLin said...

Yea baby..
It was so sweet of you..
Thanks a lot, really...

PS I love U ~ XD

Daphnee said...

Omgness! both of u ah.. hahaa.. i no eyes see already. buta nanti. haha

Melinda :: MayLin said...