Friday, January 2, 2009

Day Out At Last!

For the past few weeks,
I had been rotting at home..
Practically, I had algae started growing on me...
Making me sticking to the bed more and more..
Better known as the sleeping disease..
I actually forgotten that school's gonna start on coming Monday..
This Uni life is making me forgetting all the dates & days..
So, I decided to call my friends out for some kinda outings..
Since those in form6 will resume to their so-called torturing lessons soon..
Called, I mean smsed (which is of cause cheaper XP ) my friends yesterday night...
Got the answer that some can make it, so I assumed the plan is on!

Woke up at 10am today,
despite sleeping around 4am this morning...
Still managed to make myself out of bed..
And bathed with my eyes half opened..
But no worries, I did not mandi kerbau..
Made myself totally clean..
My eyes were wide open after the chilling bathe..
10am is early for someone like me,
I used to wake up around 1 or 2pm.. XD
Had problems choosing my wardrobe..
Due to the limited clothes I brought back..
Only had jeans, T-shirts and few sleeveless..
Grabbed a jeans and red sleeveless,
took my mum's pink sweater-sort-of..
I don't like pink, but like I said..I had limited choice..
Wore the 4 inches
Left my flats & lower heels back in Uni..
My legs were fu*king sore after all the windows shopping..

I reached Star Cineplex exactly at 12pm as promised..
Waited kinda long for my friends..
Didn't blame them though...
I brought only myself..
But they had to pick one another up..
I was sitting there alone at the cineplex,
looking around at posters, peoples etc..
Until a guy walked to me and said : "Sorang ke dik?"
Wtf..did I looked like a lonely person??
Oh well, maybe that time I did....a lil.. =.=

Friends arrived around 1pm..
Omg, had 1 hour of lonely moments.. XP
Discussed what movie to watched..
Ming Lee & Mei2 watched "The Spirit" at 1.45pm..
Since Ming Lee had to go off earlier..
We watched the 3pm "Bedtime Stories".. in me, Verene, Jessica, Amy, Joshua, Ashweein, Daniel and Selwyn..
Since it was still early,
we went for lunch at Tun Jugah..

Fast forward..
The movie was nice..
With Adam Sandler in it,
I'm sure all of you know it's funny..
Laughed our hearts out..
Had popcorns all over me when the movie ended..
And, Bugsy is so damn adorable...
The puss-in-boots large watery eyes..

After the movie,
saperated with the guys..
We girls went to Sarawak Plaza..
Window shopped for a while..
I tried a pair of kiddy shoes,
which can't even fit me at size 33..
They're not too small, but too big!!
Silly kiddy feet I have..
I mean, now I realized they are smaller than kids'

At night,
we went for late dinner at Richmond's Place..
This time we had 8 people..
Me, Verene, Jessica, Mei2, Ann Joo, Ming Lee, Joshua and Ash..
I took chicken chop in black paper sauce,
maybe I was too hungry..maybe not..but it was nice..
Too many at Amy can't join us at the last minute..
Reached home around 10.30pm I guess,
didn't really checked..
Tiring day..
And had fun driving all around Kuching city..

I need another outing guys...
For those who can't make it today..
Sometime before I go back to Uni..
Cheers!! :)

Me, Amy, Verene, Jessica & Mei2

Amy & Me..with Adam Sandler in Bedtime Stories

Bugsy is just toooo adorable..

Me in the wonderful world of magics! XD

I love the Shophaholic series!

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