Monday, January 26, 2009

Jessica Alba in Iban Costume

I never knew this movie existed until I log on to the Dayak World 's website..
Maybe because there are some 18sx scenes in the movie, it was banned in Malaysia..
But Jessica Alba seriously looks sweet in the Iban's traditional costume..
She is so well tanned and suits the character..

I searched it in the internet : movie called

"The Sleeping Dictionary"

This is the video for Part 1 from YouTube..
All together there are 11 parts..

p/s : For those who are still under 18, please don't watch.. XD


WanLin said...

yeah i watched this movie 1 year ago. dam nice and touching!!! love it a lot....reli unforgettable.

she reli looks like iban....haha...
who would hav thought JESSICA ALBA played an Iban in a movie?! too bad this cant be used to promote Malaysian culture

Melinda :: MayLin said...

yea, realized she really looks like an Iban gurl...XD
but they still show the Ibans as head hunters, sure bring misunderstandings if it's shown here..