Friday, January 9, 2009

Result's Out!

At last..
After a very long wait our results are out!
Got what I aimed..
I really want to Praise God,
once again He had shown me His power..
And how much He can always help me through my difficult moments..
He even gave me the exact result I had aimed for..
Even though it is just cukup makan..
Some of you may had known,
I was not feeling well during my finals..
Had exam fever again just like during SPM examination..
Brought packets of tissues into the exam hall..
But He was there for me all the time..
Even though my result is just satisfactory,
with the condition I was facing,
I did not expect much..
Love God..
Love everyone who help me through my difficulties..
Especially to someone who accompanied me to the clinic during study week..
Congrats him for his really excellent result..
And to everyone who did well too.. :)

p/s : I still hate Engineering Maths & Chemistry!!


Nasz aka Spiderman said...

congratz on ur result even if it is not mention here,I'm sure u got an excellence result..

Melinda MayLin said...

not excellent as u for sure..
mine juz cukup makan..
thanks btw..
even though i dun noe ur result, but sure better den me..
so congrats to u 2..XD

evyYING said...

hey...thx for ur comment anyway..
actually i really dunno why i wrote that down...hehe...
oh yea..
thx again for ur kindness of wanting to be my friend..^^..
hope to see us meeting each other more often..

Melinda MayLin said...

but well,
that's one of de reason i blog..
just to write some silly and random stuffs in my mind..
all de best to u!

eyxa shabarudin said...

see u soon!

Melinda MayLin said...

hey there..
see ya soon too!
miss ya all.. XD