Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2008 Round Ups

It's already 7th of January 20o9,
and I'm just about to do my round up of events in 2008..

Got employed as a promoter at tHe Spring, Kuching. It was the 3rd employment for me. I 1st worked as a sales assistant after I finished my PMR examination. Since tHe Spring only started operating the 2nd week of January, I worked as a helper at a Bakery 1st for a week.. I was the "2nd batch" working there, before me were 2 so-called seniors who are 2 years older den me. After 1 month, they went so I had to take control of everything. I became the "lil boss" there.. Managed to work for 5 months I think, hardly remember cause I wanted to quit so many times but was stopped by the boss cause the business relied on me a lot (considering myself the most senior and doing all the paper works that time) =.=

Did well in my SPM examination. Did not expect to get 9A1 and 1A2 (stupiak Biology). For those who knew the situation I was in when I sat for the whole week of SPM examination would know how blessed I am to get such results. I was physically and mentally declared "almost dead" the whole week of SPM. Since Biology was one of the last paper, and the paper I sat for before I threw up in that's why.. I was almost late for Additional Mathematics paper cause I could not get out of bed. That was the day my dad said he would throw all my books away, and asked me whether I can postpone my exam. I didn't want to.. I crawled out of bed, almost fainted before reaching the car, but ended up in the exam room. My uncle said I was very determined, my dad said I was crazy. That's why he is worried everytime I am having exams, even now.. Would had striked 10A1. But no regrets, thanks God for being with me through my difficult times.

Application for Petronas Scholarship approved. I'm not sure what is my ambition, until today..most of the time, I just strike for what is ahead of me.. Initially wanted to enter Tunku Abdul Rahman College, but a month or 2 before lectures emerged..I was offered to enter Labuan Matriculation College, and 1 night before my flight to Labuan...I was offered Petronas Scholarship. I did not bother much, I let my parents help me make my decision. So I ended up sleeping so well, but my parents stayed up all night discussing where to send me. Final decision was made to send me off to Petronas University of Technology, Perak.

1st time I stepped in Petronas University of Technology, I was excited. At last I entered university. But one thing that annoyed me is my XL luggage. I need my bro to carry them for me.. Orientation week was okay, but at the beginning I was so inactive..I guess I was still not used mixing around people.. But after few days it got okay. Sadly, my roomy was sick.. Ended my 1st semester at Petronas University of Technology. Was a little stressful but the efforts are worth-a-while. The 1st time in my life I am away from my family for more than a month (I was away a month when I went back to my village about 2 years ago). Not only I learned new stuffs at Petronas University of Technology, I learned how much my family loves me. For the 1st time my old fashion Dad said good night to me.. XD

In just this 1 semester, I had been to Penang Island twice and Kuala Lumpur thrice..and obviously roaming part of Perak a lot.. Conclusion is, since I was away from home, I had been traveling a lot..and there are more to come.. This will be the chance for me to explore places and to gain extra knowledge, not for my studies but for my life. Traveling had always bring joy to me but of cause I can't do it often since I am still a student and traveling covers a lot of expenses. I am looking forward to go to Thailand or China this year end, have to wait till my brothers finish their PMR and SPM examinations.. =.=

Broke up with a long period bf (A), tied up and broke up with a short period bf (B) and still going strong with one (C).. I know, these sound weird but I need to write them because they are major happenings in year 2008. Before I entered Petronas University of Technology, I was with A..even then our relationship was rocky, I was a player but I never made other guys officially my bf. I broke up with A after my orientation and very soon got tied up with B. Relationship with B was like the worst ever, we argue almost everyday and I cried a was so stressful so I called it off straight after our mid semester break. I stayed friends with both A and B but I did not contact A much since he was far away and got himself a new gf. I later found out B is a playboy and I "evilly" felt lucky I dumped him. Since then I was determined not to be a player anymore. I went single for quite sometime before getting close with C, without knowing one day we got hooked up with one another.. Now it's 2009 and we're still going strong.. Praise God.. :)

And for year 2009, I had not made any resolutions yet..
It's just the beginning and everything seemed to go on smoothly..

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