Sunday, January 4, 2009

1 guy 4 loves @ Magnets XD

I feel that I am becoming more and more like a piggy..
Just like how my dear calls me.. =.=
Slept the whole day today..
Did nothing except sleep, TV and eat..

Watched an Indonesian movie..
Named "1 guy 4 loves"..
Super funny..
It is about a guy who is very famous,
supposedly very hot in his school ~ unfortunately I don't see that in him.. XD
He is a playboy, he dates 4 girls at a time..
And 1 night, he had dates with all the 4 girls..
Funny thing is, he brought all the girls to the same
After dating the 1st girl for a while,
the 2nd girl calls him and asks where is he..
So he gave excuse to the 1st girl that he has to pick his brother..
The same thing happened when he is dating the 2nd girl,
but this time he gave excuse that he needs to pick his Mum when the 3rd girl calls..
So it happened so and so..
Of cause,
the waitresses (happens to be his school mate) who serves for all 4 of his dates..
looks at him like one kind, never thought she'll meet a guy like him..
LOL..I didn't finish the movie..
But I guess it ended up the the waitress became his real girlfriend in the end..

I am having a dilemma now..
I have this guy friend who wooed me before..
But I never created any feelings towards him..
All this while I just treat him as a friend..
But problem is,
he never seemed to give up..
No matter how much I ignored or avoided him..=.=
Lately, he cooled down slightly ~ maybe after too much ignorance from me..
But still kept finding me non-stop..
I am starting to feel annoyed and wonder whether I should tell him,
that I am already happily taken by someone..
How if he just want to be a close friend?
then wouldn't it be a little awkward between us?
Much more annoying part is when he kept looking for me,
just to ask silly stuffs like "how r u?". "wat r u doin?" etc..
And imagine receiving more than 5 forwarded x'mas
Not sure how to tell him to stop bothering me..
*after writing this, I realized how annoyed I am ~ should make things clear between us*

Days are getting more and more meaningful with my piggy butt around..
I got him silly names again..
Before we dated,
he called me piggy head cause I sleep a lot..
I still do.. XD
When he called me piggy head, all I can thought of was piggy butt..
So I called him piggy butt and the nicks stuck until today..
*I only wondered why I didn't call him piggy ass after my naughty bro called him that*
And last night,
I gave him another nick..
I told him that he is like a magnet,
pulling me close to him and never let go..
So I asked him he wants to be North (N) pole or South (S) pole of the magnet..
He said North (N) pole... XP
So I ended up calling him N magnet or N piggy..
And he called me S magnet or S piggy..
Even our favourite drinks became our nicks..
I called him vanilla coke ~ his favourite..
But he calls me chrysanthemum a.k.a green tea a.k.a soya bean..
LOL..cause I like all the 3 drinks..


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Love ya piggy butt @ N magnet @ vanilla coke! XP


bang-bang! said...

hey i can't wait to be back in utp cause i've been pigging around too. oh well, 2 more see you soon!

Melinda MayLin said...

yea, so dead bored..
cant wait to see u girl!! XD

Jeremy said...

Hey, dat movie sounds familiar. *cough*cough* john tucker must die *cough*cough* LOL. Pirated indonesians haha. Love u dear muahh!

Melinda MayLin said...

oh yea...
u mentioned then I realized..
but weird thing is during the same night, he brought all the girls to the same restaurant.. XD
muahhh! love ya too!

itsmedadoofus said...

John Tucker Rules! Hahahaha..

I guess later in utp u guys are gonna be magnets kan.. inseparable.. hahaha.. well. 2 more weeks!!

Melinda MayLin said...

John Tucker la pulak..

no la..
difficult to "stick" 2gether in uni..
u tau la kan..
different course..
besides, we hav our own life..
but at least the magnetic force is still there..

see u soon!!
take care..