Saturday, December 6, 2008

Boring Saturday...

Such a boring Saturday..
Woke up around 9AM,
my 2nd brother had went off earlier for his camp..
I did not managed to see him..
He will be away for 3 days..
Mum took me & my youngest brother for breakfast..
Me & my mum took porridge,
my bro took laksa..
Saw my high school English teacher, Mdm.Teo and her family..
Saw my uni mate, Stephanie..she is in January 08 batch..
Went home straight after breakfast..

Reached home and watched "Money Not Enough 1 & 2"..
Directed by Jack Neo..

Then my Dad came back from work..

Brought us out..
I drove till Matang..
We just went around..
cause my parents wanted to look at the development around..
Went to the Sunday Market..
Bought fruits..
After that went to Saberkas and Ngiukee..
Bought a wireless modem, which I am using now..
And bought more food..
Such as maggie, crackers, can food, instant coffee etc..
Went home straight..

Told my Mum I wanted to go to church..
Cannot believe she actually scolded me for that..
She said it will not be in time..
How can it be!!
There was half an hour more before the mass gonna start..
I was so off mood that time..
The reason she gave me was she haven cook..
I was so pissed off.
Questioned her why can't she cook after church but she did not answer me.
I realized how much I miss my friends back in uni..
Roomy, Bel & Mich who always go to church together with me.
We never have such funny reason to skip church..
My Mum said we will go to church tomorrow..
But I kinda doubt it..
Cause my bros had been skipping church a lot..
Means I am gonna miss church too...
Only way is for me to drive there myself..
Which I most probably will..

Then when we reached home..
I got scolded by my Dad,
just because I went for dinner late..
I was busy okay..
Not that I did it on purpose..
Everything happening here is making me miss uni life so much..
Can't believe my first few days back home were so miserable...
Hope it will get better soon..

Missing my far far away piggy lots..

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