Sunday, December 7, 2008

St.John Ambulance Annual Dinner

Well, most of you knew that I am now longer in high school..
But few days back, I was sorta invited by my friends to the dinner.
The St. John Ambulance annual dinner,
which of course is held every year - usually year end.
I made it just in time as I arrived in Kuching on the 4th December.
It was not a compulsory dinner for me,
but I had not much to do during the holidays..
Meeting old friends and making new friends will not harm much I bet..
Besides, it was held at the so-called prestigious "The Banquet".. :)
So let the pictures do the talkings!

Introduction is of course...
pictures of me, myself & I

Coming to the real events..

together with adults members, officers & teacher's son :)

alice (new friend), li na, elaine (new friend),
adeline,amy, me & cindy :)

4 cadets performing.. :)

they sang some kinda chinese song :)

siblings..rachel & joshua :)

the one in blue is another rachel.. :)

joshua performing his acoustic skills :)

alice, amy & li na

me & cindy :)

teacher's son (sorry, forgotten your name) & Mr. Tan :)

celebrating the 100th anniversary of
St. John Ambulance Malaysia

johnny & timothy performing :)

they sang "when you say nothing at all" by Ronan Keating,
accompanied by josh's acoustic. :)

rachel as emcee,
interviewing the prom queen & king candidates :)

me & amy cam whoring in the loo

obviously that's me.. :)

and that's me too :)

that's us..
cin', you looked weird.. :)

me, li na, alice, cindy & amy :)

me again.. :)

cindy, amy, li na & me :)

cindy, amy, alice, li na & me :)

the two emcees.. :)

prom queen in pink-15 years old..
prom king in yellow-9 years old.. :)

alice, me, amy, li na, elaine, cindy & adeline :)

yun shen + us.. :)

yun shen & amy :)

adeline, cindy, elaine, li na & me :)

amy + us.. :)


Jeremy said...

Hope piggy butt enjoy herself hehe. Look very handsome with the dress :P Love ya!

Melinda MayLin said...

yea..piggy butt oso owez pretty.. :p
love ya too!