Monday, December 22, 2008

NK 6085 + NK 6600

Bought 2 phones today..
Well, not me buying two, but my bro and me..
Shopped at Saberkas, Kuching..
Where we can always practically grab the cheapest phone in town..
We surveyed from floor to floor randomly..
I was searching for portable flip or slide phones..
While my brother loves big & bulky ones..
Can't figure out why he likes them..
Just too inconvenient to me..

I ended up buying Nokia 6085..
Which I truly love..
Especially the large keypads for sms freak like me.. XD
Not gonna reveal the price here,
but trust me it's very affortable..
And it comes with all the basic functions..
Except that the cam kinda sucks..
But it doesn't matter since I already have a camera..
I wanted the pink one, but they only have stocks for gold & black..
Black seemed so common, so I bought the gold one..
This is my 1st flip phone, and 1st time using Nokia after my 1st 3310.. :P
Had been using Motorola & Sony Ericsson for years already..
Here's a picture of how it looks like..

Then my brother bought Nokia 6600..
Not the latest flip or slide 6600..
But the bulky one..
It was 2nd hand but really worth it..
It's affordable yet the functions are all still in perfect condition..
I envied the camera on his phone..
Totally much more, so much more better than mine..
And here's how it looks like...
Except that his is all black..

Bros shopped for school uniform..
Mum shopped for veges, shoes, groceries..
Guess that's all for today's shopping!
Cheers! :)


Josh.p.Leo.C.k said...

new phone~ hahaha nicenice
wow your an sms freak too lolx
kesian your phone... better pray for it first XD hehe

Melinda MayLin said...

really sms freak,
dat's why i chose large keypads..
easier & faster.. wakkaka XD