Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Finished packing at last!!
Took me and my roomy almost 24 hours to pack..
Well, plus some time spent at the laundry...

Did our laundry around 11pm till 2am..
Was dead boring and sleepy..
So we went to watch TV at the village 4 common room.
The TV was boring too,
there was only TV2 and TV3.. =.=
But sleepy2 also still sempat cam whore..

Relaxing in the common room..

Me with the sleepy look...
Got flu after "breathing in" too much dust..


Done packing at last..
Compare mine with my roomy's..
Not only mine is more...
But also much messier..
Like my bro said in his blog..
It's in our blood..

~ MINE ~



Going to The Lost World of Tambun in around 4 hours time..
Then back home in around 35 hours time..

Home Sweet Home..
Here I come!!

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