Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Little More Productive

After few days staying at home..
I can say today was a little bit more productive than the others..
Woke up around 9AM..
Sent my precious lap top for service,
so pity she was sick..unable to detect the DVD drive..
After that went for Kuey Chap and Bak Kut Teh..
So long since I ate Kuey Chap..
My phone went crazy again..
The stupiak Celcom network..
I cannot sms, cannot call out.. Arghh!!
Borrowed my brother's phone,
he actually wanted to charge me RM5,
but I only sent 2 sms..
So well...he let me go... :P
Went shopping..
Bought food, food, food and more food..
At night, I made pudding!!
My very own favourite dessert..
Can't believe they sold them for RM1 at my Uni,
and my brother said they sold them for RM1.50 at his school.
The cost price is approximately RM10..
and I can make 20 cups of pudding!
Means if I sell them at my brothers' school,
I can make a profit of RM20!
And it took me just half an hour to make the pudding.. $.$
Here's the pudding I made..

At night,
I was kinda pissed of again with the stupiak Celcom network..
Enough that my lap top was sent for service..
Now I cannot even sms or call..
Luckily my piggy butt is understanding..
Heart you lots piggy..
After that, learned guitar..
Got tired of the stupiak memory of mine..
Cannot even remember the major chords..

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