Monday, December 8, 2008

Piggies learn to write!

I was chatting with my dearest piggy butt on MSN..
And we did some crazy stuffs..
We tried to write using the "pencil"..
And look at our handwriting..
He said they looked like primary 1 school children..
Hehe.. :P
By the way, the red ink was mine..
And the black ink was his..

The "getting better" part was supposed to mean
our handwriting got better..

Here comes the funny part...
He tried to show me where Kota Kinabalu is..
And I tried to show him where Kuching is..
Look at how cacat are our drawings.. :P


Jeremy said...

Haha piggy butt's picture of borneo very cacat LOL! Mine way better :P

Melinda MayLin said...

yea..i noe mine cacat la.. :P but my writing still better... lol... XD