Friday, December 19, 2008

Tagged by Baby Mich

Rules and regulations:
Do not copy answers.
Tag questions must be 100% same.
Tag people before doing the tag.

I tag:
1. Lorenzo Hardy
2. Edison Hon
3. Loh Mei San
4. Ho Weng Kwen
5. Sii Yik Chen
6. Ho Chin Lin
7. Hocan Lai
8. Jerwin Lai
9. Jong Siu Mei

How did you know 1? (Lorenzo)
A friend from Uni...

What would you do if you never met 2? (Edison Hon)
I would never get my past job (promoter) properly done. XD

What would you do if 3 and 4 dated? (Loh Mei San & Ho Weng Kwen)
I would be shocked and yell "What happened???".

Would 5 and 6 make a good couple? (Sii Yik Chen & Ho Chin Lin)
I doubt that they even met before, or whether they ever will.

Do you think 7 is attractive? (Hocan Lai)
Dunnoe him much, in a way comment..

Tell me something about 9. (Jong Siu Mei)
She is such a sweet & adorable girl..can't wait to see her..

What's 1's favourite past time? (Lorenzo Hardy)
OMG..sorry lolo..i don't know..Singing/blogging/sketching maybe?
U know who to ask if I'm wrong..haha

What language does 2 speak? (Edison Hon)
English, Malay, Mandarin and..izit Hakka that you speak with your Mum??

Who is 3 going out with? (Loh Mei San)
For now...i think..still looking? hehe

How old is 4? (Ho Weng Kwen)

When was the last time you talked to 5? (Sii Yik Chen)
Super long ago..I had totally forgotten.

Who is 6's favourite singer? (Ho Chin Lin)

Would you date 7? (Hocan Lai)
Nothing like that ever went through my mind. No offence..

Is 8 single? (Jerwin Lai)
Maybe..maybe not..

What's 9's last name? (Jong Siu Mei)

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