Monday, December 8, 2008

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8 things I am passionate about:


8 things I say too often
Oh mak...
Oh my God!
What the hell..
Oh fu*k!
(i not a nice gurl..)

8 movies I have watched recently
Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa
Slit Mouth Woman 2
Bangkok Dangerous
(no more I guess...)
(wanna watch Twilight!!)
(and more horror movies!!)

8 songs that I can listen to over and over again
Hua Hai ~ Jay Chou
T-Shirt ~ Shontelle
An Jing Le ~ SHE
Lian Ren Wei Man ~ SHE

Ji Mo Bian Jie ~ Nicholas Teo
Gei Wo Yi Shou Ge De Shi Jian ~ Jay Chou
Fall For You ~ Secondhand Serenade (previous blog's song)
One Step At A Time ~ Jordin Sparks (it's in my blog =.=)

8 things I learned the past year
Never to trust someone easily
Never to judge people by looks
To be more independent
The true meaning of friends
To have more faith, hope & love towards God
To love & appreciate my family more
To be more hardworking
To be more mature

8 places I like to go in Kuching
My home sweet home
Somewhere I can shop
Somewhere I can eat
Somewhere I can relax
Somewhere I can go for movies
Somewhere I can just walk around
Somewhere I can scream out loud
Somewhere I can just look at the stars

8 things that you will be doing today
Watch My Girl
Eat Kolo Mee (at last!!)
Edit pictures
SMS piggy butt (lol..daily routine :P)
Eat my Twisties & Roller Coaster
Drink fresh milk (again..)
Listen to my playlists

8 things I regret this past year:
Falling for the wrong guy
Being too honest
Buying unnecessary stuffs
Last minute study
Being a playgirl
Not budgeting my money
Did not appreciate what I had
Being too soft-hearted

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