Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I'm Coming Home!!

Busy packing and cleaning my room..
So dusty..
And I am so sensitive to dust..
Wanna sneeze all the time.. Argh!!
Hate packing...

Lets See..

Sorting out my notes and past years according to the subjects..
Found lots of rubbish..

The most most most useful item during packing..
Support Reuse!!

Big plastic bags are also very very useful at this moment...
Where we throw all the useless rubbish in the room.

Keeping my printer at my friend's house..
It's nice having a friend living near uni..
Thanks Sook Harn..

I have to carry that bloody guitar and lap top home..
Can't imagine myself in the bus...

Books..notes..books..files...books..books..and more books..
Where oh where should I put all of you...??

1 large, 1 small...
Gonna bring back home the small one only..
Damn bloody heavy..
Probably need 2 persons to carry that big one down 3 floors..
Believe me, I can fit myself in that luggage..
I tried..LOL..

Hangers in a mess..
That's only part of it..there are some more hangers... -.-"

The always-messy table..
But it's messier when I am doing packing..
(Does not seemed like I am packing huh?)

My flight is scheduled on :
4th December 2008,
Kuala Lumpur-Kuching...

I'm coming home!!!

Going to The Lost World of Tambun tomorrow...
That is why I need to pack early..

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