Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Adventure!

This will be a long post..
Long as in lots of pictures..
I'll let the pictures do most of the talkings,
since it's more understandable..
And I can do less typings.. lazy ...
Hehe.. :)

Celebrated X'mas Eve in Kuching with my small family..
We went for mid-night mass after my brother performed.
If anyone went,
my 2nd brother was in the Boys' Brigade band
which performed at The Spring, Kuching on X'mas Eve.
Some pictures here..

My brother was in the 1st row..
The 1st to the left hand side of the drum major..
He plays flute..

Credits to 4th Kuching Band

On 25th afternoon,
me, mum and my 2 brothers went back to my mum's village...
which is located somewhere in Sematan area..
Stayed for 4 days 3 nights..
My dad did not follow cause he only had 1 day off.
Means he went back to work on the 26th.
The whole journey took more or less 1 hour 4o minutes drive.
That's when the my real x'mas adventure started!

100% own-made cheese cake by our one and only chef in the family..
Mr.Robson, who is currently working at Damai Beach Resort... :P

"Merry X'mas & Happy New Year! God Bless U.."

My 2 naughty cousins (pik & red) treated the cake like their birthday cake..

My 2nd bro starring into air like usual =.=

Watch the naughty little girl trying to take the snowman off the cake..
My mum helped out cutting and distributing the cakes..

The one in black is my cousin, Mr.Robson..
also the maker of the cake..
My mum's youngest bro @ my Usu in grey,
is also a good cook..
*No wonder most chefs are guys..*

My cousin, Kak Long with the son of my another cousin..
Another cousin who is the elder brother of my cousin who made the cake..
I know it's confusing..well...
So, that lil guy is my nephew..
Named Alonso *yea, like the F1 driver ;)*..

Cute lil Alonso..
Even at that young age..
He's real tough and naughty.. :)

Cake eating time...

Moderately decorated x'mas tree..
With little santa claus hanging around..
and blinking.. hehe..

My Kak Long with my grandma..
My grandma is already 80+ i think..
Having visual problems but still strong!
Praise God.. :)

Youngest sis of Kak Long, my Kak Su..
with my grandma..

Me with my grandma..
I looked terrible..
Believe it or not..I didn't look at the mirror at all for 3 days 2 nights.. =.=

2nd brother reading "The World Joke Book"..
Most of the jokes are super hilarious..
Some are okay..
Some are non-understandable.. lol
Youngest brother just looked on..
Pity him, I knew he wanted to read that book too..

During the day of 26th,
the ladies (including me..:P)..
will be busy being part time waitress or cook..
The evening,
we went to Sematan..
Just to have a look around..
Ate mamak food..

Pictures taking at the newly built food centre at Sematan..
It was completed just before I left for UTP..

The 3 siblings..son & daughters of my Usu,
my mum's youngest brother..
Pity my lil cous in blue..
He was scratching all around and his face turned red and swelled..
cause he had some kinda allergic..

My brothers eating mee goreng..

They are at the same age..
The one on the left is the uncle (my youngest cousin)..
And the right is the nephew (my eldest nephew-another cousin's son)..
The nephew looks bigger than his uncle..
And he's even few months older than his
Look at how dirty & sweaty they

That's what happen when we work too much during x'mas..
We had backaches and headaches..
But since this lil cousin of mine is so light..
She can do the massage that usually only professionals can in a special room.. :P

On the evening of 27th,
it was an unexpected adventure..
especially during x'mas..

That is my cousin's house..
But no the one I stayed at,
I stayed in another cousin's house..
All the houses there are banglos..
Mostly built on their on piece of land..
And the houses surrounds the longhouse..

I spotted a chicken in the middle of nowhere..
It was sitting there in the hot piercing sun..
I guess it was laying eggs..
True enough, mothers are willing to sacrifice everything for their children..

1st attempt : fishing near Kem Belia Pueh..

The view of Kem Belia Pueh at Sematan..
Saw flying fox!!! *dying to try it*

On our journey to the 2nd location, since the 1st failed..
Sat at the boot of the car with my brothers..
My 2 lil cousins stayed in the car..
Nice experience cause my mum drove quite fast..
Almost fell off.. haha..

Me and my lil cous on the way to the bridge on our 2nd attempt..

The view from the bridge..

The location on the 2nd attempt..
Can you spot a sinking sampan??
The bridge is in quite a terrible condition.. may just fall off if you lean on to it.. lol..
I got bitten terribly by sand flies..

My brother trying his luck..

My mum and 2 naughty cousins..
The younger one is named Andreana, elder one named Alicia..
They look tiny, but they are evil..
Kids like them can be real sarcastic and hot tempered at times..

" Here fishy fishy...
Here fishy fishy..
Come to Papa! ", bro.. :P

Taken from the bridge..
It is facing the mouth of the river,
where the water flows to the sea..

2nd bro fishing on the left side..

Youngest bro fishing on the right side..

The view of the marvelous sky between the trees..

Nature of sky, plants and water..

The small road leading to the beach/sea..
See the lil ones running, following my bro in red.. :)

The bridge connecting the 2 lands..
Saw the motorcycles there?
This is surely a nice spot for youngster to hang out..
and just chit-chat...
Besides, it's just a walking distance from the village..

That's not my slipper, her sis (behind) took mine..
Obviously that's not her sandals too, she took my mum's....
Due to her obsession towards heels..

Mum...trying to be photogenic while fishing.. :P

Well, everyone was busy fishing...
I was the photographer..
So I ended up taking my own pics.. hehe..

My not-so-knowledgeable bro fished near the mangrove plants..
See what happened next!! :)

Before that, commercials... :P
nice view behind...
love the bitch beach!

I am doing promotion for Sematan beach.. =.= it is...
My not-so-knowledgeable bro fished near the magrove plants..
and got his fishing hook stucked to one of the roots..
Then my 2nd bro and mum came to the rescue! lol..

Beautiful sun set among the trees..

Pulau Talang-talang..
Which is famous as turtle sanctuary..
Only permitted visitors are allowed to go there...
They can be viewed clearly from the beach.. :)

Fabulous sky!

That is a tanjung...
emerging to the sea..

Nice view during sunset...

Like usual..
you can see lots of coconut trees at the beach...

One of my favourite shot! :)

Burning sky..

The road from the beach..
Right in front is Gunung Gading..

28th, went to church with my cousins..
My lil nephew got baptized with other babies.. :)

Taken just before the service started..
Nice natural lighting! :)

Little Alonso got baptized! :)
May God bless you lil dearest..

This lil baby is my ex baby sitter's daughter..
My mum likes her a lot,
she must be the best baby sitter I had..
Considering I had 7 baby sitters *view achieve-cry baby* before...

5 cute babies successfully baptized! :)
Praise God!

From left to right :
Me, Baby Alonso, cous Calidya & cous Alicia..
The guy behind is Cassidy, Calidya's bro @ my cous too.. :)


Josh.p.Leo.C.k said...

really nice views!! your 'kampong' area so preeeety lo wana go see sometime in the future and its only 1 hour 40 mins away nia? O.O

wah really gota go there lolz
all your cousins so relax in front of camera i bet you owes ask them pose for you ahahah xp

Melinda MayLin said...

the view very nice...
long beach & not as polluted as damai..

no la..
i took most of the pics out of random..
if ask them pose then nt natural dy marh..