Saturday, December 20, 2008

"You've Been Warned" by James Patterson

I finished the third novel since I am back in Kuching..

Written by James Patterson,

who is famous for "Judge & Jury"..

Days had been super bored,

and it rains almost everyday lately..

So more or less I had been stuck in my room reading novels..

Or just snoozed off like a pig for hours,

waking up just to eat then continue with my readings again..

My lap top is just one-arm-stretch away from me,

but it don't seemed to stop me from reading..

Geez, cause I am already dead bored with my lap top..

No new movies, no games, randomly surfing the net for nothing.......

So this third novel is sort-of thriller...

Published internationally in August 2008,

and was the #1 New York Times Bestseller...

The book was not that bad, just a little confusing,

with all the twisting parts, "I-see-dead-people" and sorts..

Still, it did not reach my expectations,

just like the other 2 romance novels I read..

But overall, it is a novel just nice bored people like me..

~ Synopsis ~

Kristin Burns is making her way in New York City.

Her photos are being considered at a major Manhattan gallery,

she works by day with two wonderful children,

and the man of her dreams is almost hers for keeps.

But just as everything she's ever wanted is finally within reach,

her life changes forever--with one murderous nightmare.

Kristin wakes up every morning from the same chilling,

unforgettable dream. And suddenly, it's visiting her during the day too.

As her life turns stranger by the minute, Kristin is haunted and terrified.

Is it all in her head? Or is the nightmare becoming her life?

Kristin searches desperately for what's real through the lens of her camera,

only knowing two things for sure:

that no place is safe and the fate of everyone she loves lies in her hands.


Josh.p.Leo.C.k said...

weh~ u love readin this sorta books too? then I recommend reading twillight!! I bet you'll love it!! I'm a huge fan of the twillight series ^^

Melinda MayLin said...

watched de movie dy..
so i dun think it's anymore fun..

but im looking forward to buy new moon, eclipse, breaking dawn & midnight sound..

i saw twilight EVERYWHERE, but i can't find any other series!!

u know anywhere i can get them, except on9?