Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dear readers...

My blog readers are from all ages..
Youngest maybe my brothers..
And their friends..
Oldest maybe my mummy and my uncle..
Thanks my bro for reading some private stuffs secretly,
and not telling them to my Daddy..
Shhh... :P

I just found out that my mum and my uncle read my blog..
At first I thought my brother was putting prank on me..
As you can read on,
most of my post are about my life..
Some which my mum should not know about..
But when I reached home,
I found out that she kept asking me stuffs..
and saying "I saw *this this this* in your blog."
When I talk bout my friends,
she'll go "Is he/she the guy/girl in your blog?"
So well, she reads my blog..
She knew how I hate exams,
she knew I have a boyfriend,
she knew even when I skipped lectures,
she knew whenever I go out of my uni,
she knew if I skipped my meals,
she knew I was sleeping more than studying during study week...
But most of the time,
she pretended not to know..
Love you Mummy!! :)

My uncle,
and some relatives who I don't even know..
After I asked my Mum about them,
then I knew who are them..
Too many relatives around..
My Mummy has a big family..
Thanks for reading my blog!!

Mummy, bros and uncle..
If you are reading this..
I know you get to know me a lil step deeper..
Thanks yea..
And to my piggy butt..
Thanks for being a reader too..

To all readers..
Sorry if I offended any of you in any way.. :)

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