Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tambun Lost World

Just came back from The Lost World of Tambun..
Was cool!!
But got damn bloody tired and sleepy..

Woke up around 7.30am,
Serena called Clare perhaps,
Clare went to take the car and sent Serena to the bus terminal.
After that, busy moving our stuffs to Block O and the common room.
After all these luggage, boxes & plastics carrying,
we proceeded straight to Ipoh,
of cause, after withdrawing some $.

Me, Clare, Kavita & Sook Harn went on 1 car,
and Mark, Terry, Jeremy, Bella & Ain went on another car.
Mark and the gang went straight to The Lost World.
We went to Sook Harn's house first,
picked her up...had some advices from her Mum.
Then we went for branch (breakfast + lunch) at some chinese shops at Tambun.
After eating lunch, went straight to The Lost World.
Reached between 12-1pm..

Paid for the fee, RM25 each..
Clare bought towel, she actually forgotten to bring towel..
Kavita actually came in our room so many times to remind us,
but she still forgotten.. =.=

Met up with Mark, Terry, Jeremy, Ain & Bella..
They were having lunch when we arrived.
Me, Kavita, Clare & Sook Harn went to change first.
I met up with Jeremy,
and went to find Clare & the gang..
Took all the cool rides..
Took cool pictures,
but only after all the rides..
Everything is wet, can't bring my camera in..

Leaving UTP..
Coming home!!

Clare, Kavita, Sook Harn & Me :)

View 1

View 2

View 3

View 4

View 5

View 6

View 7

View 8

View 9

Jeremy & Me :)

Kavita, Clare & Sook Harn :)

Terry, Ain, Nabilla & Mark :)

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View 12

View 13

View 14

View 15

View 16

Performance 1

Performance 2

View 17

Me & Jeremy :)

Terry & Jeremy :)

View 18

Terry :)

View 19

View 20

View 21

View 22

View 23

View 24

View 25

View 26


View 27

Kavita, Sook Harn & Clare :)

Sook Harn & Clare :)

Kavita & Clare :)

Clare & Me :)


View 28

Me & Kavita :)

View 29

View 30

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