Thursday, December 4, 2008

Journey Home!!

Going Back to Kuching today!!
Woke up at 7am today..
despite sleeping around 4am,
i still managed to force myself out of bed.
Packed my pillow and bed sheet,
did some last minute packing...
Then went bit farewell to my roomy and dearest friends..
Sorry to disturb your sleep dears..
Well, feel sad we will not be meeting each other for 6 weeks.

12 of us went on 3 cars..
thanks to abang, kakak and pak cik,
we were able to reach Medan Gopeng 1 hour earlier..
Reached around 9am, our bus is scheduled at 10am.
We all took some food,
sweet corns, instant noodles etc...
Then I started taking pictures at the bus terminal,
and also in the bus..

Today's events featuring :

Afif & Mervin

Nabilla & Me

Ain, Nabilla & Terry

The guys

Our bus - Star Shuttle

View in the bus

The guys sleeping..peace Azwan! :)

Afif aka Apip

Mark sleeping & Nabilla smiling

Abu seemed like he'll slip down the chair anytime

Dat's Awang in pink on the left.
Sorry you're only in this pic..

Sitting on the right - from front :
Awang (unseen) & Abu
Mark & Nabilla
Ain (unseen) & Terry

Sitting on the left - from front :

Last row - from left :
Anonymous -.-"

Reached low cost carrier terminal (LCCT) around 1.30pm..

Took our lunch..
Then around 2.20pm,
me & Awang had to check-in,
since our flight is at 4.20pm.
The service was terrible..
We had to move 3 counters,
and waited for an hour before we managed to check-in.
The others waited for us outside...
Me & Awang had an hour more before we board..
The rest will be flying around 5pm, 6pm and 7pm..
To Kuching, Miri and Kota Kinabalu..

I was nervous,
tried to find for my piggy butt everywhere.
His flight back is at 5.10pm.
He was there at the terminal too...
We were so near yet so far..
Peoples are everywhere.
I asked for excuse from the guys,
and went to the check-in area again,
just to find my piggy butt.
I looked around but there was no sight of him..
Worst, his phone went dead..
And his last message was only to tell me that his phone ran out of battery.
I wanted to cry that very moment, and yell out my piggy's name out loud..
But I feel hopeless, I saw people everywhere but not my piggy butt..
Then, Awang called me..
He said we are to enter the boarding hall already..
Even that time, I was still hoping to meet my piggy butt..
But I entered and I thought that was the end of it..
We will not be meeting anymore till next year.
I smsed Nabilla,
asked her to tell my piggy butt I was looking for him if she meets him.
All of a sudden, I saw him..
With Daphnee, also a Sabahan friend..
He came in the boarding hall an hour earlier..
just to find me..
After hours in the terminal looking for each other,
we managed to meet at the boarding hall..
He made it just in time..
God helped us - my flight was delayed..
I love you piggy butt...

Sat with Awang in the plane..
Both of us were reading the Shin Chan comics most of the time,
then got some sleep..
Reached Kuching around 6.30pm..
Half an hour later than scheduled..
Met my family, said bye to Awang..
He is a very nice guy..
Perhaps he misses his close friend, Ashraf aka Acap a lot..
He was very quiet the whole journey..
My parents took me for dinner..

Before that..
Pictures of my room,
everything was rearranged..
And looks much more neat than before I left..
Well, my cousins sleep in my room when they come to my house,
even when I was not around..
I am okay with that..
So I guess my Mum cleaned my room quite often,
so it was not dusty too..

My cupboard, my table..
And the room all by myself..
My Room!!

Miss my pink comforter...

And my feet-shaped rug.. :)


Josh.p.Leo.C.k said...

it was like reading a romance story, >.< dun cry.. tis is another nice post ^^V

Melinda MayLin said...

yea..cant believe we went through something like a love story..
looking for each other in the sardine-packed lcct..and met up at the departure hall at my flight delayed & stuffs like